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Parables From The Prophets

This is a collection of stories and parables used by General Authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in General Conference talks. Each story includes the date the talk was given. The stories are indexed below by author's name along with a brief description of the subjects of the stories

dot Richard D. Allred - Patriarchal blessings
dot Athos M. Amorím - Obedience
dot Neil L. Andersen - Obedience, Beware of the Evil behind the Smiling Eyes
dot Mervyn B. Arnold - Strong should help the weak
dot Carlos E. Asay - Resurrection
dot M. Russell Ballard - Temple work, Courage, Bearing testimony, Power of council system, Peace, Missionary success, Need for more missionaries
dot Ben B. Banks - Parable of the lost sheep, Preparation
dot Merrill J. Bateman - Priesthood blessings, Need for a Savior
dot Julie B. Beck - A "mother heart"
dot Janette Hales Beckham - Promptings of the spirit, Faith
dot David A. Bednar- The strength of the Lord, Tender mercies of the Lord
dot Monte J. Brough - Aaronic priesthood service
dot Bishop H. David Burton - Stand tall, Honor priesthood, The Sabath Day, Courage, Pride, Heros, Constant reminders, Following rules, Teaching with the spirit
dot F. Enzio Busche - Keeping covenants
dot Douglas L. Callister- Testimony
dot John K. Carmack - Evidence for Book of Mormon
dot Sheldon F. Child - Testimony, prophets
dot Albert Choules, Jr. - A Child's love
dot Darwin B. Christenson - Honor prophets
dot Joe J. Christensen - Materialism, Happy marriages
dot D. Todd Christofferson- Becomming converted
dot L. Whitney Clayton - Satan's traps
dot Gayle M. Clegg- Language of love, Determination
dot Gary J. Coleman - Missionary work
dot Spencer J. Condie - Helping others
dot Quentin L. Cook - Being a good example, Live by faith
dot Claudio R. M. Costa- True happiness, Success
dot Sheri L. Dew - Men and women work together
dot John B. Dickson - Life is not easy
dot Charles Didier - Building bridges of faith
dot Loren C. Dunn - Fathers
dot Bishop Richard C. Edgley - Heros, Humility, Values, Repentance, Confidence, Satan's "snipe hunt", Enduring together
dot Henry B. Eyring - Callings, Being a shepherd, Repentance, Prayer, Friends, Sharing gospel, Speaking what you believe, Strength among Saints, Faith and priesthood keys, God helps faithful priesthood holder
dot James E. Faust - Inactive members, Genealogy, Selfishness, Atonement of Christ, Faith, Self-mastery, Planting seeds, Good investments, Serve and walk in faith, Obedience brings freedom, Prepare for future, Be not afraid, Justice Mercy Faith, Responsibilities of shepherds, Acting for ourselves, Patriarchal blessings, Cornerstone of testimony, Drugs destroy life, prayer, It can't happen to me, Disobedience, Loving one who had gone astray, Peer pressure, Inspiration, dealing with adversity, promises of the fathers, perserverence, A royal Priesthood
dot Vaughn J. Featherstone - Honor parents
dot Daryl H. Garn - Missionary preparation
dot Michaelene P. Grassli - Honesty
dot John H. Groberg- Priesthood power, God's love
dot Bruce C. Hafen- Unmarried woman
dot David B. Haight - Faith, Influence of good people, Service, Eternal family, Live Gospel principles, A Testimony meeting, Proclamation on Family, Priesthood responsibility
dot Robert D. Hales - Tithing, Missionary couples, Enduring, spiritual light, Finding faith, Personal revelation
dot Donald L. Hallstrom - Don't procrastinate
dot Ronald T. Halverson - Inner peace, Seeking the truth
dot F. Melvin Hammond - Fathers
dot Harold G. Hillam - Sacrifice, Worth of souls
dot Gordon B. Hinckley - Missionary service, Stake Presidents, Earliest spiritual feelings, Influence of testimony and missionary work, Retention of converts, Wholesome recreation and leisure, Children, Lessons learned as a boy, Church is on course, Walk by faith, Longevity in marriage, Passing of Sister Hinckley, Kindness, Anger
dot Richard G. Hinckley - Repentence
dot Jeffrey R. Holland - Service, Missionary couples, Don't give up, Honor and trust, Be ready to use priesthood, Parent's example, Experiences in Chile
dot F. Burton Howard - Protect your eternal marriage
dot Kathleen H. Hughes- Living waters, Christlike friends
dot Elaine L. Jack - Focus on eternal purposes
dot Marlin K. Jensen - Humility, Friendship, Power of a good life
dot Virginia U. Jensen - Prophet of God, Raised in light and truth
dot Malcolm S. Jeppsen - Spiritual healing
dot Kenneth Johnson - Making correct decisions, Fathers
dot J. Kent Jolley - Understanding the gospel
dot Spencer V. Jones - Consequences of our decisions
dot Daniel K Judd - Doctrinal and spiritual nourishment
dot Cree-L Kofford - Saying kind things
dot Sharon G. Larsen - Listening to children
dot Richard P. Lindsay - Feed my sheep
dot Clate W. Mask Jr- Spiritual mud slides
dot Richard J. Maynes- Keeping covenants
dot Neal A. Maxwell - Sharing
dot Keith B. McMullin - Being a Saint
dot Coleen Menlove - Teaching children
dot Lynn A. Mickelsen - Happiness and joy
dot Thomas S. Monson - Bridge of service, Preparation, Service, Rescue inactives, Gratitude, Obedience, Widow's mite, Handicapped, Keep right, Walking in darkness, Setting examples for children, Gratitude, Living the truth, Service and gratitude, A letter to the President, Home teaching, Missionaries and missionary work, Mercy, Repentance and forgiveness, Serving a mission, Saving others, A mission experience, Patience, My brother's keeper, Fatherless and widows, Search and rescue-obey God, Gift of peace - Grateful heart, Missionary work in Africa, Miracles, Run boy! Run! - Scouting, Truth of the Gospel, Magnify Aaronic priesthood calling, Honesty, pray then do, hidden wedges, Member reactivation, Missionary service, Building a tree house, Live in the present, Charity and service, Courage, Helping quorum members, Constant truths, Perserverance
dot Margaret D. Nadauld - Come unto Christ
dot Russell M. Nelson - Faith, Cling to iron rod, Honor Mother, Honor priesthood, Authoritative guidance, Scripture study, Power of prayer. Now is the time to prepare
dot Dallin H. Oaks - Church callings, Service, Value and use what we already have, Focus on and value what we have, Sacrament prayers, Powerful ideas, Tithing, Bible stories-protection from evil, Become as Heavenly Father, Share mesage of Book of Mormon, He shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain, Spend time with children
dot Chieko N. Okazaki - Religion class experience
dot Robert F. Orton - Loving our neighbor
dot Glen L. Pace - Get our own testimonies
dot Boyd K. Packer - No fear, Patriarchs, Missionary experiences, Touch of the Master's Hand, Facing danger and temptations, Bishops, Relief Society, Called to serve, Prophet who holds the keys, Children, What grandparents do, The power of faith
dot Bonnie D. Parkin - Relief Society
dot James M. Parramore - Power of prayer
dot L. Tom Perry - Preisthood service, Family, Missionary experiences, Effects of life events, Effective teaching, Heed prophet's voice, Therefore I was taught, Be clean, Traits of discipleship, Joseph F. Smith, Home a place of refuge, Sabbath day, Raising the bar
dot Wayne S. Petersen - Our response to trials
dot Patricia P. Pinegar - Commandments and laws of God, Promptings
dot Rex D. Pinegar - The simple things, Peace through prayer
dot Anne C. Pingree - Temple worthy, Grow Up unto the Lord
dot Bruce D. Porter -Building the kingdom
dot Ronald A. Rasband - Love of God, Priesthood leaders
dot Sydney S. Reynolds - The Lord knows our needs, Miracles
dot Bryan Richards- The Book of Mormon changes lives
dot Ned B. Roueche - Reactivation, Feed my sheep
dot R. Conrad Shultz- Lifejackets of obedience
dot Richard G. Scott - Scriptures, Develop character when young, Temple marriage, Healing a damaged life, Never doubt the reality of faith, Diligence and obedience
dot W. Douglas Shumway- Family home evenings
dot Mary Ellen W. Smoot - Inner strength
dot Steven E. Snow - Service
dot David E. Sorensen - Pornography, Prayer, Forgiveness, Faith is the answer
dot Donald L. Staheli - Obedience
dot David R. Stone - Spiritual hurricanes
dot H. Bruce Stucki - Faith and trust, Prayer faith and family
dot Susan W. Tanner - Discipline with love
dot Michael J. Teh - Sharing gospel message
dot Earl C. Tingey - Unchanging standards of the gospel
dot Richard E. Turley Sr - Removing doubts
dot Dieter F. Uchtdorf- Opportunity to testify, First vision, Gospel brings light and hope
dot Susan L. Warner - Good news of Gospel
dot Stephen A. West - Good samaritan
dot Lance B. Wickman - Life's tests, Eternal marriage covenants
dot Richard H. Winkel - Strength in family and friends
dot Joseph B. Wirthlin - Repent and change life, Lack of faith, Be the best you can be, Being a shepherd, Grow into priesthood responsibilities, Live in obedience, Holy Ghost confirms truths, Help of testimonies, Holy Ghost, Integrity, Press on through trials, Kindness, Charity and love
dot H. Ross Workman - Follow living prophets
dot Ruth B. Wright - Teaching children
dot Craig W. Zwick - Priesthood blessing, parents' love

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