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Church References in Movies and TV

Music, Arts, and Entertainment *

red dotChurch Music Stores - Listing of online Church music stores
red Church Music - Listen to and download music from the Church web site
red dotMusic and the Spoken Word - Transcripts from the Sunday morning TV program
red - Official site of the Tabernacle Choir
red dotMormon Tabernacle Choir YouTube - Official YouTube channel of the Tabernacle Choir
red dotMormon Channel - Official radio station of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
red - Features upbeat, positive, contemporary music
red dotLDS Radio Online - Uplifting Church music
red dotYoung LDS Music - Clean music for young people
red dotThe - A popular Church music duo performing renditions and mashes of popular songs on piano and cello.
red dotJerald Simon - Founder of Music Motivation. Composer, author, poet, music educator
red dotDuane Hiatt - Featuring the music of The Three D's, The D's and Duane Hiatt.
red dotKenneth Cope - Official site for musician Kenneth Cope
red - Official site for Michael Ballam
red dotDebbie Zufall's Church Music Site - A website devoted to sacred choir and organ music
red dotJackman Music Corp. - Leading publisher of Church sheet music
red dotTeton Music - Free and reasonably priced Church hymn arrangements and original works
red dotFree Choral Music: J. Ashley Hall - Free church choir music to download
red dotHymnWiki - Source for Church Hymns and other religious music
red dotBreezeTunes - Free Christian sheet music by Garrett Breeze.
red dotDaniel Carter - Daniel Carter music downloads and sheet music
red - Church choral and instrumental music. Book of Mormon geography book
red dotMark Hansen Music - Powerful and uplifting Church-oriented rock music
red dotCopypack Music - Appropriate arrangements of hymns for choir that may be copied.
red - Church sheet music, PDF files, and MP3 recordings.
red dotTuiofu and Thomas Music - Sheet Music for purchase and to download free of charge
red - Free and low-cost choral music from LDS composer M Ryan Taylor
red dotMormons in Music - Highlights Church music artists who may differ in backgrounds, musical styles, tastes, and experience.
red dotDay Murray Music - One of the largest selections of sheet music, choral music, karaoke, and lds music in the U.S.

red dotAltus Fine Art - Established in 1999, Altus Fine Art is a publisher of inspirational artwork. We are committed to promoting artists who seek to celebrate Christian values and the beauty of the world as we strive to inspire individuals and families with our products.
red dotChurch Art Stores - Listing of online Church art stores
red dotChurch Historical Art and Photography - Paintings, photos, and videos of Church historical subjects
red dotChurch Historical Art - Joseph Paintings of Church historical subjects
red dotBYU Museum of Art - Historical and contemporary works of art
red dotMormon Artist - Online magazine published bimonthly and dedicated to covering the Latter-day Saint arts world
red dotChad Hawkins - Temple masterpieces representing countless hours of artistic creation
red dotFree LDS Mormon Art - Church Clipart, T-shirt Iron-on Transfers, Stickers, Stationery, MySpace Layouts, Cards, Bookmarks, Wallpaper and More
red dotReligious Education Archive Image Collection - Images pertaining to the doctrines and history of the Church

red dotChurch Film Festival
red dotCandlelight Media Group, Inc. - Specializing in production, distribution and representation of quality films
red - Films by Latter-day Saint Filmmakers
red dotLDS Church Broadcasting - Conference, Relief Society, and CES Fireside broadcasts
red dotBYU Broadcasting - BYU TV and Radio programs
red dotMormon Messages - YouTube videos produced by the Church

Church Films
Meet the Mormons
The Saratov Approach
17 Miracles
Silent Night
Saints and Soldiers Airborne Creed
Christmas Oranges
The Mine
The Shadow Cabal
Midway to heaven
Minor Detail
Suits on the Loose
The RM
Brigham City
The Shadow of Light
American Grace
Errand of Angels
The Work and The Story
Other Side of Heaven
The Field Is White
Saints and Soldiers
States of Grace
American Mormon
Anxiously Engaged
Johny Lingo
Suddenly Unexpected
Sons of Provo
Love Logs On
Think Tank
In The Service Of God
Book of Mormon Movie
Take A Chance
A Voice From the Dust
Singles Ward
Out of Step
Little Secrets
Pride & Predjudice
Saturday's Warrior
American Zion
Junior's Giants
Scout Camp

(* The listing of any commercial sites is for your convenience only and is not intended as an endorsement of their products or services. Please conduct your business directly with those sites.)

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