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ZHED - It is true that Joseph Smith drink a wine in carthage jail?.

JOEL - Yes he did. The History of the Church states that while in Carthage jail the prisoners sent for some wine to"revive their spirits", to help them cope with the depressing situation (HC 7:101).
There were a lot of things members of the early church did that we don't do now, based on the "line upon line, precept on precept" method that God uses to teach and govern His children. Joseph Smith and other early church leaders drank wine and beer on occasion. Joseph Smith even had a bar in his home to offer drinks to traveling visitors and wine was used for the Sacrament. Later it was changed to water.
Back then the Word of Wisdom was considered "not by commandment or constraint" as the D&C 89 scripture explains in verse 2. It was not a commandment; simply wise counsel. It wasn't till long after Joseph Smith died that God asked us to more strictly live the Word of Wisdom as we do now.

ZHED - And it is true that LDS is the richest Church in the world?

JOEL - That's hard to know. It depends on the parameters of the question and what your definition of "richest" is. Cash flow? Sell-able assets? Wealth of individual members? The LDS Church is definitely among the top 10 wealthiest religions in the world. Actually the Catholic Church is considered the richest in the world. The LDS Church is probably close behind.

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