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VERA - Years ago, I either heard a talk or read an article stating that consistently reading The Book of Mormon would reduce PMS symptoms. I have been unsuccessful at finding source.

JOEL - When I first read your question I thought you were joking. But then after thinking about it for a while it makes some sense to me that a good remedy for calming the mood swings associated with PMS just might be spending time reading the scriptures. Obviously I can't speak from personal experience but in an Ensign article , Val D. MacMurray, Ph.D. states the following:

"Premenstrual Syndrome
Some women experience another type of emotional disturbance during the last half of the menstrual cycle. This problem, called Premenstrual Syndrome, may cause depression and a variety of other physical and emotional symptoms. This disturbing and painful problem has its basis in body chemistry. The woman who suffers from it may be feeling guilty without cause. If you regularly experience serious premenstrual distress, seek medical attention."

Further in the article he suggests a remedy for some symptoms of PMS and other forms of stress:

"Incorporate some deeply fulfilling elements into your day. Prayer and reading the scriptures are two of the most consistent and most important for me. I always come away from them feeling refreshed and renewed." ("When Life Is Getting You Down" Ensign, June 1984)

An LDS sister named Karen Fisher, from Millville, Utah wrote the following in an Ensign article (Sep 1986):

"PMS can also make the sufferer feel unresponsive to the Spirit. Although it may be difficult when one is emotionally and physically spent, praying and reading the scriptures can bring comfort and strength. Heavenly Father understands the state of his daughters’ minds and bodies and will extend his love and support if they will approach him in humility." ( "Dealing with PMS", Ensign, Sep 1986)

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