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TANYA - Did HF have to suffer and bleed through his pores and hang on a cross like Christ on another planet to become our God? If not how can he know what we suffer and how we are feeling like Christ does. Will all men who reach exaltation have to do this(suffer bleed and die)? Isn't this a little like reincarnation. If NOT how do you explain that HF knows and sees all and he knows our feelings and our hearts? This bothers me a lot can you help?

JOEL - If our HF was a first-born son in the spirit, perhaps he did come to a world and suffered like Jesus did. Jesus did not have a body before he came to suffer for our sins, so it is unlikely that we would have to do the same before we become gods because we already have bodies. As a god our first born spirit son might fill that role like jesus did for his father and for us. But this is all speculation. There are no certain answers to any of these questions. We don't know how god knows what he knows. We are not even that sure that God was once a man like we are. If knowing these things were necessary for our salvation, God would have revealed them to us; but he hasn't, so we will just have to wait for the answers. The only doctrines that should really "bother" us right now are those that we know about and have been commanded to follow.

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