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TANYA - Is there any solid proof that the BOM is true? DNA research states that the people from the americas were desecdants from asia not Israel. This would mean the BOM is false and JS is not a prophet. This scares me. I am confronting the facts and the evidence. Do you have any NEW proof that the DNA evidences are wrong. There were Mormon archalogists that are now non- believers.

JOEL - There will never be enough convincing "scientific proof" of the truthfulnes of anything religious. I am a scientist myself and know that scientific theories are always in a state of change as new evidence comes forth over time, changing pre-existing theories. On the other hand, truth that comes from God is constant and never changing. If you are basing your testimony on scientific or physical evidence you will always live in a state of fear. The only real solid proof that the BOM is true comes from the witness of the Holy Ghost of its truthfulness. That is more convincing and unchanging than scientific proofs and it will remove the fear in your soul. If you still want to know the current state of DNA evidence as it relates to the BOM, try Jeff Lindsay's Book of Mormon DNA page

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