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SARA - When we get together for big family dinners a certain question keeps coming up that people have different opinions on. Maybe you might have an answer. If I have a dinner at my house for instance, and my husband who is the Priesthood holder in our home is not present at the time, should I call on someone to give the blessing on the food because we are in my home?....Or, Do I ask one of the other Priesthood holders to call on someone to say the prayer? We want to be respectful and honor the Priesthood, so I was wondering which one, if any, is more correct?

JOEL - I can only give you my opinion on this and I think that's all anyone can do. When you and your husband were married you became one (Matt. 19: 5-6). Therefore when your husband is gone you represent the head of the family. It is your home, you are the hostess, therefore you ask for someone to say the prayer.

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