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ANNVER - Who translates the non-english scriptures and why are their names not found in them like the joseph smith tranlation of the bible? how do they(translators) get selected to be the translator and how does the 1st presidency if they do check it understand and believe that what has been translated is correct according to the english versions? because as i read some non-english scriptures and refer back to english the meanings don't match up causing confusion in sunday school at times in our ward?

JOEL - There is a team of language experts in the Church Translation Department who work on these translations for years before releasing an edition. According to Elder Robert K. Dellenbach Of the Seventy:

"many of our modern translators utilize computers and word processors, lexicons and encyclopedias to help and guide them in their sacred assignment. The modern work is extensive, and each step must be critically analyzed by Church translation experts. Yet, even with the most competent member translators and advanced technology available, the entire process, from beginning to publication, requires approximately four years." (Robert K. Dellenbach, “The Translation Miracle of the Book of Mormon,” Ensign, May 1995, 9)

And according to Kai A. Andersen, director of Scriptures and Production Coordination in the Church’s Curriculum Department:

"Great care is taken in publishing the Book of Mormon in a new language to ensure that the new edition is true to the English version, which was “translated by the gift and power of God” (D&C 135:3; see also Book of Mormon title page). This is an involved process that takes time. Translation cannot begin until competent and worthy individuals who speak a target language are called to serve as translators. Preparation of the Book of Mormon in a new language includes not only translation but also reviews by Church leaders with a strong gospel background. This process ensures that translations reflect as closely as possible the spirit and meaning of the English version." (Kai A. Andersen, “I Have a Question,” Ensign, Aug. 1996, 59)

A good article on the translation process is at the following address:

And here:

Of course noone is perfect and Church leaders can't proof read all the translations; especially those in languages they don't understand. They rely on members of different language backgrounds to provide their input on whether a particular verse has been translated correctly. If you have comments or suggestions on a particular verse you can contact them at the following address:

Church Translation Department
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
50 East North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

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