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ANNVER - If the members and the prophet at the time of the discontinuation of polygamy had faith in the lord then why would they give into the newly confirmed law but should've showed more faith in heavenly father to continue polygamy if it was such a commandment, we probably would still be practicing polygamy today.

JOEL - Actually they did not give into it for a long time. They showed a great amount of faith as they continued to practice plural mariage even after laws had been created against it.

Some even moved to Mexico or Canada to escape prosecution from the government; others were put in jail. My great great grandfather was one of them. Normally, God does not let his church practice any doctrine contrary to the "law of the land"(Article of Faith #12). Therefore, after it was obvious that the government was not going to allow it, church President Wilford Woodruff received a vision from God showing him that continuing plural marriage endangered the temples and the mission of the Church. He then issued the Manifesto in October 1890, announcing an official end to new plural marriages. (See Official Declaration 1 and statements at end of D&C)

God allows mankind their agency to do what they want, including making up laws that might be contrary to His laws. If it were important enough to God for the saints to continue in plural marriage God would have intervened; but he didn't. All of those plural marriages that had been made up to that time are still valid and recognized in the eyes of God. It is still a church doctrine; but one that God does not require us to follow at this time.

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