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RUDY - If several family members receive different glories/kingdoms and some happen to be in the same glory, are they permitted to see each other? Such as two brothers in the telestial kingdom and so forth.

JOEL - Things like this are not specified in the scriptures and while various general authorities might give an opion on this there really is no specific doctrine.
Apostle Melvin J. Ballard said:

"I have several times been asked, how is it possible for those who attain celestial glory to ever feel happy and satisfied to know that their children are in the telestial world, and never would have the privilege of coming up with their parents in the celestial kingdom.
We must not overlook the fact that those who attain to the higher glories may minister unto and visit and associate with those of the lesser kingdoms. While the lesser may not come up, they may still enjoy the companionship of their loved ones who are in higher station. Also we must not forget that even the least degree of glory, as the Lord has expressed it, is beyond all our present understanding. So that they are in the presence of glorious conditions, even though they attain unto the least place," ("The Degrees of Glory" A Discourse by Melvin J. Ballard, Delivered in the Ogden Tabernacle, September 22, 1922)

If it is possible for some in a higher kingdom to minister to those in a lower kingdom(D&C 76: 84-89) it makes sense that those in the same kingdom will be able to see each other also. But even though they may be able to see each other they will not be an eternal family in the sense that they can not have eternal increase like those in the Celestial kingdom (D&C 131: 1-4).

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