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RASH - Have you read the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon Yet? Some of my friends left the church because of this.
Christopher Nemelka has published the sealed portion of the Book or Mormon and has also translated the 116 pages of missing manuscript. John the Beloved and the Three Nephites use him to present their message to the World. Joseph Smith, himself, gave Christopher the Gold Plates so that he could translate the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. He believes that in 1987 he was called, in the same manner as Joseph Smith, to share a message with the world. He believes that his organization is the only true message for the World today.

JOEL - When Moroni was finishing the Book of Mormon record, he was commanded to seal up some of the plates, and Joseph Smith was later commanded not to translate them. This sealed portion contains the complete record of the vision of the brother of Jared (see Ether 4:4–5). This vision included “all things from the foundation of the world unto the end thereof” (2 Nephi 27:10–11; see also Ether 3:25). So basically the Lord revealed to the brother of Jared the history of mankind, and the sealed portion of the plates was Moroni’s translated copy of it.

Christopher Nemelka, who at one time was a security officer for the church, claims that he is the reincarnated Hyrum Smith, brother of Joseph Smith. He also claims that Joseph Smith appeared to him and told him to translate the sealed portion. I have read some of the so-called sealed portion "scriptures" and when comparing the existing Book of Mormon with his weak attempt at writing new scripture, one can readily tell that the two records have different styles in writing and grammar and spirit and obviously do not come from the same source. There are also several contradictions when comparing the two.

When the sealed portion comes forth it will be by revelation through God's true prophet on the earth; not by a false prophet such as Nemelka. As a matter of fact Chris Nemelka admitted in the following video that he was the one who wrote the sealed portion and that many Mormons "fell for it hook line and sinker".

See the video here. Go to the 4:03 minute mark.

The true sealed portion remains sealed and remains in the possession of Moroni. That is all we know right now.

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