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QUESTION - Is there any difference between addiction and hobby? for example if i play basketball daily, it is an addiction or an hobby? is there any scripture verse about this?

JOEL - There is a difference. However, a hobby could become an addiction if one obsesses on it too much to the point that it is disruptive or harmful to one's normal life or the life and health of his family.

Here are a few scriptures that come to mind:
"He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. (Prov 25:28)
"Use boldness, but not overbearance; and also see that ye bridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love; (Alma 38:12)

There are many good habits we can have but they can lead to harmful addictions if we're not careful. Here are some signs that one is addicted to something:

1. The addictive behavior dominates the person's life; he begins to neglect other facets of his life (even basic ones, such as cleanliness).
2. The person's usual behavioral patterns or day-to-day patterns of living become seriously disrupted.
3. The abrupt discontinuation of the addictive behavior after continued or prolonged involvement results in a state of extreme anxiety, a hypnotic trance, or, in some cases, an actual physical "withdrawal" illness (such as that seen among drug or alcohol addicts).
4. The person cannot seem to get enough of the addictive behavior or substance—or, after getting "enough," he still can't stop.
5. The person shows no sign of the ability to make choices about the addictive behavior—he can't rationally determine whether it is an appropriate time or setting for the behavior. He does not act appropriately. In simple terms, he feels compelled into the behavior, regardless of his own feelings or circumstances at the time.
6. The person continues the addictive behavior even after it has lost some of its excitement or appeal to him; even though it isn't as pleasant as it once was, he continues regularly. A person who once got a real thrill out of betting on horses may continue to do so even when he is ridiculed or nagged, loses continually, or no longer feels the same thrill.
7. The person no longer does something because he wants to progress and improve; he does it because he wants to be left alone, because he fears he can't progress, or because he wishes to escape a stressful situation. He may not find any joy or pleasure in the addictive behavior, but it may be a way of erasing other things in his life that he dreads.

Do any of the above apply to your basketball playing? If not it sounds like a good habit and form of physical activity to keep you in good health. The trick is to keep a good balance of all good things we do in our life.

"A temperate soul—one who is humble and full of love—is also a person of increased spiritual strength. With increased spiritual strength, we are able to develop self-mastery and to live with moderation. We learn to control, our temper, our anger, vanity, and pride. With increased spiritual strength, we can protect ourselves from the dangerous excesses and destructive addictions of today’s world." (Elder Kent D. Watson Of the Second Quorum of the Seventy, Ensign Oct, 2009)

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