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PAT - I'm wondering why so many wear the sacred temple clothing to their own funeral for all to see. How about nice Sunday attire. I'm sure not wearing the clothing will not effect my eternal salvation.

JOEL - This is of course your opinion and if you don't want it done you can request that; it won't affect your eternal salvation. This tradition is not set in stone. The Church Handbook says:

"Where possible, endowed members should be buried in temple clothing when they die. Where cultural traditions or burial practices make this inappropriate or difficult, the clothing may be folded and placed next to the body in the casket.
If temple clothing is not available, a deceased endowed member is clothed for burial in the garment and other suitable clothing."

However, since we are eternal beings, and the temple covenants are eternal, why not honor those covenants one has made in the temple by wearing the temple clothing both in life and in death? And since our prophets have told us it is OK for us to wear them and that we should wear them at our burial, it must not be considered a violation of the sacredness of the clothing to wear them "for all to see".

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