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Answers to Submitted Questions About the LDS Church by Joel Hardy

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TOM - How is it that Christ was a God and was a member of the Godhead in the pre-mortal life and in mortality even before he was perfected and resurrected and exalted?
ANNVER - How strict is the Church stand on Ward and Stake Boundaries?
TANYA - If the Book of Mormon is truly inspired by the Holy Spirt, then why were there errors in the first edition?
AKANIMO - When Enos prayed all day and into the night, wouldn't that be vain repetition?
TOM - If the Lord forgets sins/remembers them no more, and forgives us, how can former sins return?
RICHARD - Can you tell me how old was John the Baptist when his father died? And how did zacharias die?
JON - Is there a scriptural reference anywhere that mentions that the Old Men will give way for the Young men to usher in the coming of the Lord?
ANNVER - Why in the lds church, does Priesthood holder voicing the Priesthood ordinance need to stand behind the person receiving it?
TOM - Questions about who will come down with Christ at the second coming and the source of truths that other religions have.
JON - Is there reference from Joseph Smith that the LDS Church will splinter or be reduced or shifted like wheat in the last days by intellectual men trying to point out errors in the church?
RICHARD - Can a faithful, honourable priesthood holder request a calling as a Bishop from the proper authorities?
JON - Asks about the effects of Satan and evil spirits on the human body
JCO - Do you have guidance on fasting a good fast when you have to take medication with food and water?
JON - Can a member in good standing with the Church get rebaptised as a recommitment to Christ?
MARC - How do you petition Heavenly Father according to His will when you are unsure what His will is?
GRACE - Why do LDS celebrate Christmas?
ANNVER - What criteria does a person need in order to serve within the Lds Church?
RICHARD - Where does an Aaronic priesthood ordination take place?
JON - Does the Church have an official stance on the Gospel of Thomas?
JOEMER - Asks for an interpretation of Mark 12: 18-27
TOM - How can two siblings from the same family have different lineages?
JCO - If a man has the Spirit of Christ and faith in Christ can he exercise "Authority in Christ Name" not the "Priesthood" to heal a person?
ANNVER - Will there still be sin during the millennium before Satan is released?
JON - Question about people leading others astray from the gospel.
TOM - Don't all 15 brethren hold all the same keys as does the prophet?
MECAELA - How do I explain that baptism for the dead is not a false doctrine?
WILLIAM - What are we to understand by the law as stated in 2 nephi 2:5 which says by the temporal law they are cut off and by the spiritual law they perish from that which is good and become miserable forever?
JO - Who gets notified if someone resigns or is excommunicated from the Church?
ANONYMOUS - Does the church have an official position on mature rated video games?
TOM - Where did God the Father come from and did Jesus atone for the sins of everyone in the universe?
JON - How do we know we are in the last dispensation?
SIONE - What's the LDS Church teachings on family funeral services?
AKANIMO - Question about the salvation of those who die without the law
JON - Question about members who believe in Joseph Smith and the scriptures but claim current leadership are drifting away from what Joseph Smith taught.
AKANIMO - I want to know if the holy ghost departs from one or we depart from the holy ghost or both can happen?
TOM - When doctrine and covenants section 4 says the field is white all ready to harvest, is it referring to wheat or cotton?
FELECEIN - A friend asked me about the church stand or teaching about someone being possesed by evil spirit.what do we do about it?
EDWIN - Why is it the title page of the Book of Mormon is more bigger font in print than the caption below "the other testament of Jesus Christ"?
ANNVER - Why do some churches think that loud music and dancing is the way to feel the spirit but not the LDS church?
DON - Is there a difference between being happy and being filled with joy?
SHIDHABAL - When in heaven can we still remember all things that happened to us in this world?
DAWN - Why do only women require a cancellation of sealing after a divorce in order to be resealed to someone else?
EDWIN - Who will be presiding at the meeting at Adam-ondi-Ahman?
JOEMER - In matthew there is a verse stated that jesus is the son of that true?
TOM - Were all of the Psalms in the Old Testament written by David?
AKANIMO - Do we get forgiveness of sins by partaking of the sacrament?
DOLORES - What is the reason why we are not partaking Sacrament every general conference?
JON - Can someone with poor reading and very poor comprehension skills make it to the Celestial Kingdom?
ZHED - Is it true that the true prophet must not have honor in his own place?
TOM - What was the font in Solomon's Temple used for?
JON - Can a church member decide on his own what is and is not Tithing?
SHARON - Is it true that Joseph Smith thought women would get the priesthood?
SHIDHABAL - What is the best thing to say that debate is not a righteous way to tell the truth when it comes to the gospel issue?
TANYA - Didn't Christ suffer for our sins also on the cross?
ZHED - If we become god , it is possible that we can be equal to god?
SHIDHAB - Where can i find in new testament references about Tithing , fast offering, and fast days?
JON - Is being sealed to the Fathers, mean being sealed to the different dispensational Prophets?
AKANIMO - Where will the final judgment take place?
JOEMER - Questions about the Millennium and Emma Smith
ZHED - Why did Jesus say "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? And where are the Lost Tribes?
DETROYTA - Asks for an explanation of the story of Samson's riddle of the bees and honey.
ZHED - Who is talking in Proverbs 8:22-36?
ALEX - Can the living be sealed in the temple to the dead?
ZHED - Is it true that Joseph Smith drink a wine in carthage jail? Is it true that LDS is the richest Church in the world?
JONO - A question regarding the controversial former LDS writer Denver Snuffer
AKANIMO - How soon can baptism for the dead be done? How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden?
MIYO - Is it true that you cannot be save by your religion but you can be saved by your own faith?
TERRY - How long do you have to pay tithing (consecutively) to be considered a full tithe payer?
TOM - How can the devil be allowed to appear to people in the form of an angel to deceive people?
JON - Is the purpose of women in this life higher than that of men?
MUNDO - When you don't pay your tithing does it mean we are not allowed to partake the sacrament?
MARC - How do we differentiate between sins committed in weakness and those committed out of rebellion?
TOM - When will the veil be taken from our minds?
NATHAN - Questions about the relationship between sanctification and justification
JONJ - What is the church's stance on euthanasia?
JOHN - Why don't we use the German Bible if Joseph Smith though it was more correct than the King James version?
TOM - How can I help others to understand that the gift of tongues does not mean to speak in languages that other people do not understand i.e. gibberish?
HAPPY - How come we have our savior who is Hebrew man named Jesus, when in Hebrew alphabet has no J?
JON - Where does it say in the scriptures for man to beware of their own intelligence?
AKANIMO - Why does an apostle usually get up to leave shortly before prayer of general conference?
JON - Are the children punished for the sins of their fathers?
SIONE - Is the natural man made "kava", used in the Pacific Islands, against the word of wisdom?
JOHN - Has anything ever been published as to when and where the signs and tokens learned in the temple will be required to be used?
AKANIMO - Where do resurrected personages and translated beings reside?
NAWAL - Is it true that during the millenium men would marry many women in addition to their wife?
JON - Does God(Jesus Christ) only communicate face to face with Prophets? Was Joseph Smith the last one?
BOBBY - If mormons receive the gift of the holy ghost after thier baptism, why cannot they speak in tongues?
CARLTON - How does spiritual death relate to the conception of Jesus Christ by Mary?
JON - Why do some patriarchal blessings tell the recipient that they were one of the "nobel and great ones" in the pre-mortal life?
PAUL - Why are the two baptismal prayers recorded in the D&C and Book of Mormon different?
AKANIMO - What kind of body did angel gabriel have?
JE - There are some countries that allow same sex marriage, what should we do if we need to choose between obeying the law of the land and law of chastity?
JORDAN - Why did God give Adam and Eve two conflicting commands in the Garden of Eden?
MUNDO - Question about length of testimonies in Fast and Testimony meetings
JE - Why is moroni on the temple and not Jesus Christ?
BOBBY - Why are wards not allowed to do fund-raisers anymore?
VERA - Can reading the Book of Mormon reduce symptoms of PMS?
TOM - Questions about using olive oil in giving blessings and why God did not allow Adam and Eve to partake of the tree of Life after the Fall.
DEANA - Does the church know about the evil acts of the health care bill such as mandatory chip implant and if they do what is ther opinion of it and how to avoid it?
BOBBY - How and who controls the money eg tithing and other donations within the Church?
TOM - If God already knows who is or is not going to make it to the Celestial Kingdom why does it matter how I use my free agency?
GREG - What's the difference between the words "to day" and "today" in the scriptures?
BOBBY - Does a church member who is visiting a ward have the right to offer his opinion on ward-related matters?
AKANIMO - Why is there sometimes more than one prophet on the earth at a time?
JANIS - Have you heard of THE BOOK OF ZELPH? What is it and is it true stuff?
TOM - How can some later chapters of Isaiah show up in the Brass plates before they were actually written?
LUC - Is there any doctrinal foundation to taking the Sacrament with the right hand or is it simply LDS culture?
TANYA - Doesn't the Holy Ghost manifest Christ and HF to us. He only says what he hears from them and not himself. Correct?
AKANIMO - Did Jesus create us?
MOBIO - Why is the church NOT part of any Christian Association?
JANN - Is the returning of the saints to Missouri just an urban legend?
CORY - Asks for additional information about the "Book of Joseph"
LARRY - Do Mormon's believe that they can becomes god's and get their own planet?
BILL - Has Joseph Smith been resurrected?
CINDY - Disagrees with Mormon doctrine on how we obtain eternal life
JON - Were there any others who were given eternal life to spend on earth like the 3 nephites and John the Beloved and when did Jesus get the priesthood?
MOBIO - Why don't Mormons use instruments to worship and praise God or have deliverence crusades or cast out evil spirits?
GREG - Question about the translation of Enoch, Moses, and Elijah
JON - Can I submit my friend's name for Temple work?
BOYD - Do only mortals work in the temple (temple worker) during the millenium?
JON - Is it church policy or commandment that we do not wear the cross?
JER - If the Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the Gospel, why doesn't it say anything about baptism for the dead, or eternal marriage, or other doctrines you have in the Mormon church today?
JON - Question about eternal marriage when one of the spouses becomes unworthy for the Celestial Kingdom
GREG - How was Joseph Smith able to see God and live through it?
MOBIO - Why shouldnt we submit and perform proxy temple ordinances for celebreties or famous personalities?
RAY - What will cause the earth to reel to and fro?
JACK - Has anyone identified which animals are being refered to in the Book of Mormon as Cureloms and Cumoms?
HENRY - How did Lehi get the priesthood?
MARK - Did our spirits once look like infants in the pre-mortal life?
MOBIO - What is the church's teachings or stand about the so-called "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION''?
KEN - In a confirmation, the person giving the gift of the holy ghost stated by the "holy Priesthood" instead of the melchizedek priesthood. Is that OK?
PAT - Why was Mary not allowed to touch Jesus when he appeared to her as a resurrected personage, but others were allowed to later on?
GREG - Why was Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt?
TED - If our church is called the Church of Jesus Christ why do we worship God the Father?
JAMES - How was Joseph Smith able to see God and live without the priesthood?
LAUREL - If all the righteous people were resurrected with Christ why are infants found still in their graves?
JON - Is there any truth to the idea of coming back to earth again and again, if we choose to learn more until Judgement?
KIM - What is your church's position on infant baptism?
BONNIE - Have you heard of members losing their recommend because of not paying tithing?
TANYA - Is there a difference between a personage of spirit (a person made up of spiritual maternal)and "taking on the form of a man."?
TOM - What's your take on the Mormon feminist group that is trying to petition for women to be able to pray at General Conference?
JON - Using a priesthood blessing to release a suffering person from this life.
QUESTION - Is there any difference between addiction and hobby?
CASEY - Questions from a man searching for the true church
JET - Were can i read this phrase "As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become."
ERICKSON - Questions about the Brother of Jared and spirits in the Pre-mortal life
BRYNNA - What happens when someone who is unworthy enters the temple and performs baptisms for the dead or any other ordinance in the temple?
NAWAL - How was Jesus Chrsit conceived by the Holy Ghost?
TOM - Is the Scouting program the "core" of the Young Men's program?
MUNDO - Does a leader need to write a letter to someone who is being released from a calling?
GREG - Why is it that God is "one God" in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon?
REESE - Did Satan appear to Adam and Eve, or did he use the serpent and was Satan really necessary for the Fall?
ANVAH - Why and how can so many prominanat church leaders even today leave the church?
GREG - Was Alma translated like Moses and Elijah?
ERICKSON - Were Jesus and Heavenly Father there in pre-existence? if yes, that means they are not in Celestial Kingdom?
COREY - Were the jaradites Asian?
ERICKSON - Why do the Church Leaders allow the 18/years old men and 19/years old women to serve as a full-time missionary rather than finishing their study?
AKANIMO - What is the difference between the power of the priesthood and rights of the priesthood?
JUDE - Reminds us of how a true Christian should act
JOHN - Asking for a quote from Pres. Hinckley about wayward children
OKPARA - A question about how other Christian faiths in Africa worship.
TOM - Could you please explain to me why Christ many times told those whom He performed miracles for not to tell anyone else?
AKANIMO - Why was Noah ordained into the priesthood at such an early age?
MIKE - Why is it OK for a temple married widow to get married again?
SCOTT - Is it true that Joseph Smith killed two members of the mob that attacked him at Carthage Jail?
QUESTION - Is there a Heavenly Father living in the center of each of the billions of Galaxies in our Universe?
BRAD - What are the dragons spoken of in the Book of Mormon?
LUKE - Since the current LDS prophets sometimes contradict the former ones, how do you decide which one is correct?
JON - Did we know each other in the pre-existance? Are we to meet and support each other to obtain our potential and can we receive visions that can guide us to each other?
ERIC - Is being on time for Sacrament meeting a commandment?
KELLE - Can I inherit the highest celestial glory where God and Jesus dwell if I had an abortion before I was baptised?
PAMELA - Is is OK for a Greek Orthodox to marry a Mormon?
BONNIE - Where does it say in the scriptures that people should not be paid for serving in the church?
TERRIE - Can Grandparents receive inspiration or personal revelation for their Grandchildren?
TOM - If marijuana is prescribed to a person by a doctor for medicinal purposes, and they smoke it, is that considered breaking the word of wisdom?
JON - Can we use the priesthood to dedicate our homes so that Jesus Himself would visit?
TOM - Why isn't Daniel mentioned in Daniel chapter 3? .
DON - Questions about different Bible translations.
WENDY - If a woman has an abortion before repenting and before baptism or even receiving the gospel is she allowed to proceed with baptism and be forgiven for the sin?
CY - What qualifies an LDS meeting house to be called a tabernacle?
ANNVER - What is the doctrine about priorities in regards to God, family, career, etc.?
TOM - Why were Lehi and his family, who were of the tribe of Menasseh, living in the Southern Kingdom with Judah?
LUCAS - Did it ever rain before the flood of Noah?
JON - After we die will our spirits be able to eat and drink or enjoy other physical activities?
ANNVER - Should we pay tithing on unemployment bennefits?
JON - Is it true that there could be 11 evil spirits tempting each person on the earth?
MARC - Can Heavenly Father be persuaded through our prayers? And other questions.
TOM - Would you mind clarifying the term Jewish?
JON - Can you tell me where it notes in the Bible that Jehovah and Michael were gods before coming to earth as Christ and Adam?
PAULA - Do the apostles see or visit with Christ as part of their Apostolic mission?
ANON - A question about abortion and church discipline
PAULA - Do church members today experience visions, administrating angels, talking in tounges and visitations like in early years of the church?
JON - Have there been any stories of people coming back from the dead that have been written with and accepted by the LDS Church?
GARY - I pay most of my bills electronically and have been wondering if the church will let us do that soon with tithing?
ANNVER - How could John the Baptist's father (Zacharias) perform ordinances in the temple with only the Aaronic priesthood?
JON - Question about the physical resurrection of our bodies.
TANYA - What exactly does "apply the Atonement" mean?
CODY - How could Nephi quote something the prophet Malachi said more than a hundred years later?
CHAD - Questions about the Celestial Kingdom
TOM - Asks about the gem stones on the breastplate of Aaron
TOM - Is there any council from the church regarding cooking with wine or beer?
JOHNNIE - Will we need doctors during the millennium?
GREG - Why did Joseph Smith not have chldren from his plural marriages when Brigham Young did?
JOHN - Does the Church still have possession of the papyrus that Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Abraham from?
KIRK - Are there any scriptural references that God or Jesus Christ commissioned His prophets or apostles to write about His life and ministry here on earth?
BOB - Can someone who has proven themselves worthy to inherit the Celestial Kingdom later do something wrong while waiting the resurrection in Paradise to change their inheritance?
CARROT - What condition were Adam and Eve in while in the garden of Eden?
TOM - Questions about the Jaredites and the Pharaoh at the time of Moses
BOB - How do explain patriarchal blessings that tell a person he will live a long life and see Christ return, but then they die early anyway?
NAWAL - Do we have guardian angels that protect us?
IVAN - How come people in the Old Testament lived so long?
JON - Can you provide a list of all the commandments we are supposed to live?
JEFF - Why does satan not realise that all he has to do to win is to stop participating?
CARROT - How did satan became the god of this earth?
TOM - How could a drunken Noah be considered just and perfect in his generation?
ODEH - Will hell last forever?
CODY - Why do we do sealing’s by proxy if people will have the opportunity to do it themselves in the millenium?
GREG - Asks questions about the Celestial Kingdom
CODY - What is a "son of the morning"?
JANN - Was the Melchizedek Priesthood taken from the earth after Moses?
JOHN - Is eternity a time or a place?
WILLIAM - Can we actually hear the voice of the Lord in our minds?
JAYSON - Was Jesus hung on a cross or a tree?
BLAKE - Who is Alma D. Erickson and do you know anything about his end time prophecy?
JANN - Who was it that said that Salt Lake would be one of the most wicked city in the world?
IAN - A question about the practice of plural marriage
ANNVER - A question about Revelation 12:6 and the beginning of the apostasy.
JANNMAREE - A question about the crucifixion of Jesus.
GREG - Was Eve the 2nd flesh upon the earth?
MARK - Is Lucifer the Satan for all other worlds created by God?
ANNVER - If someone doesn't give a full one-tenth tithing is that still called tithing?
CARLOS - Was the Book Of Mormon named after the prophet Mormon the main abridger?
ANNVER - What are the offices of the Melchizedek Prieshood?
RAY - When does the moon turn to blood?
AMBER - Will Christ or the Holy Ghost ever become gods/fathers of their own worlds?
STEFFANY - Is it true that Joseph Smith gave the priesthood to a black man?
REBECCA - Can single or divorced people obtain the Celestial Kingdom after they die?
ADRIAN - Why does Utah not rate the best in social statistics compared to other states or countries?
BOB - If the atonement is required for repentance why is it that people are called to repentance prior to the actual atonement?
ANVER - How can I encourage members to attend church, and the Temple, and do home/visiting teaching
CHRISTOPHER - How do I replace lost or stolen temple ordinance request cards?
NAWAL - Questions about how Christ spoke to Nephi before His birth and how the three Nephites will gain exaltation.
ANNVER - Has ever been any notice, talk or instruction from our Church Leaders about no extra meetings or other gatherings on Sundays?
DAVID - Question about Patriarchal blessings.
KIRK - Does faith have an end?
CARAMIA - If Jesus was perfect in this life, why didnt he himself multiply & replenish the Earth as commanded to Adam & Eve?
BONNIE - What is the church's position on joining the Masons?
GREG - Asks questions about three different baptisms.
JOSHUA - Does the Spirit linger with the Body after death, and for how long?
SARA - Who was it that said if he could only have one source of scripture what would he choose? " A living prophet."
YHOMY - Who is in the 7 gates of heaven that will come to us in judgement time?
TANYA - Did HF have to suffer and bleed through his pores and hang on a cross like Christ on another planet to become our God?
RANDY - Why don't the LDS have the joseph smith so called "inspired version" of the bible as part of their 4 standard works?
CAROLYN - Do your ward and stake leaders keep tract of, and have access to your individual temple attendance when they scan temple recommends at the door each time you go?
HAROLD - Is it true that at Christ's second coming He will begin his cleansing of the earth in our Temples?
MICHELLE - Can a harlot or prostitute if they repent and be baptized enter the celestrial Kingdom?
HARDKNOCK - Jesus said He would not appear to the Gentiles in person, therefore He would not have appeared to Joseph Smith.
ORSON - What is the difference between being selfish and being self centered?
NAWAL - Why do we celebrate Christmas in December when we know Jesus was born on April 6?
PAT - How do you respond to the claim that religion is responsible for more deaths that any other ideology?
ANNVER - Why did the early saints give in to the laws against polygamy?
HAROLD - Can there be progression from one kingdom to another in heaven?
ANNVER - Questions about the translation process of our modern scriptures.
ARNOLD - What do Church leaders have to say about paying federal income taxes?
JAMES - Will we be able to hug our relatives when we die, even though we are both spirits?
JON - Asks about a policy regarding Hometeaching assignments for elderly or disabled Priesthood brethren.
RYAN - Asks for an explanation about a statement Bruce R. McConkie made regarding blacks and the priesthood.
MIKE - Why is the performance of ordinances necessary for our salvation?
ANNVER - When the Prophet Joseph Smith died why were the members allowed to choose the new prophet and why was it Brigham Young?
CARLOS - Are there any evil spirits in the spirt world tempting souls to do evil?
ALEX - How would you answer someone who asked you to prove the existence of God with out using scripture?
TANYA - Is there any solid proof that the Book of Mormon is true?
JEAN - Questions about temple sealing policies.
TROY - Why is a Priesthood Blessing different from any other blessing or ordinance in that it is performed in two distinct parts?
SHIRLEY - Questions about Celestial marriage, second annointing, and the Kabbalah
JEREMY - Can first cousins get sealed in the temple?
JERRY - Is the afterlife (spirit world) part of our second estate?
HAROLD - Is it true that there will be no rainbow for one year before the millenium?
TOM - Has Adam been resurrected?
RENEE - When an Aaronic priesthood boy is disciplined with probation is he prohibited from wearing a white shirt and tie in Sacrament meeting?
JERRY - Why is a body needed to progress? Were the angles that appeared to Joseph Smith resurrected beings?
JON - Asks about the effectiveness of praying on bended knee.
TERRY - How do LDS run businesses that operate on Sunday keep the Sabath Day Holy?
CHRISTOPHER - Question about casting out an evil spirit.
ARLENE - Question about a member from another stake who is running for a high public office who has asked to speak in their ward.
JOSH - Can I hold a temple reccomend and work at a liquor store as a stocker?
JON - Are there scriptures or Genearl Authority quotes that speak on how we should be more bold in our conversations with less-active members about the Church?
RYAN - Question about Joseph Smith's correction of a verse in the JST.
JOSHUA - Must i pay tithing if i receive only ssi as my wage?
WILLIAM - Does the Lord heal people through other people like Benny Hinn?
KIRK - Who were the 7 angels mentioned in the book of Revelation and who were they while they were yet in their mortal lives.
CHAD - Questions about the Word of Wisdom.
SANDRA - Isn't the brass serpent that Moses made and held up on a pole the same as making a graven image?
JON - How many "less-actives" are there in the Church?
PRESTON - You actually believe that both Esaiah and Isaiah are 2 different people? And Elijah and Elias are 2 separate people?
BLAKE - What is the symbology of numbers in the scriptures?
LARA - Can a woman who has had an elective abortion still receive exaltation?
BLAKE - What was the role of the Assistant President and why do we not have one in the church now?
JON - Asks questions about the three Nephites.
HEATHER - Asks about a symbol called the Seal of Melchizedek.
JUSTIN - A question about Temple sealing policies
JON - Asks about indian legends concerning Jesus Christ
KIRK - What is the difference between sin and transgression?
KEITH - Who has the Holy Ghost personally appeared to?
STEVE - Why did Elder Bruce R. McConkie believe the universe to be 2.5 billion years old?
JON - Are there scriptures in the Bible where it tells us that marriage is ordained of God?
SISTERK - Disagrees with my concept of hell.
JOHN - Who is the person refered to in Abraham 3:27 as "One like unto the Son of Man"?
BW - Where in the Scriptures does it tell us how Moses found out he was a Hebrew?
TANYA - If HF's and JC's spiritual essense is everywhere present in and around everything, then what is the purpose of the HG?
ELISE - How can I download the lds scriptures on my laptop for free and unlimited use?
JOHN - Which of Noah's sons did the Gentiles come from?
TANYA - What is the meaning of a personal atonement?
RAY - Asks about the fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel, Chapter 37.
JON - Who goes to Paradise and who goes to Spirit Prison?
TANYA - Where in the scriptures does it mention that HF and Christ are acutely aware of each of his children and their lives?
GREG - Where does it say in the Bible that Jesus was first born in the spirit?
JAMES - What happened to Cain during the flood of Noah?
JARBAC - What is the name of cain's wife?
RICHARD - Is there any evidence in the Bible of Eternal Marriage?
SUNDAY - Does knowledge insure salvation? Is God still learning?
JON - Where in the scriptures does it tell us why Jesus needed to be baptized? Was he married as well?
BONNIE - Questions about the gift of discernment, exaltation, and the final judgment?
RICHARD - What lessons can be taught in Priesthood for the first Sunday of the month?
LEAH - Why was David not put to death for killing Uriah?
BONNIE - What does the Church do to help the homeless people?
LANA - Questions about the payment of tithing.
ANONYMOUS - What exactly does "in harmony with the laws and commandments" and "teachings" mean?
QUESTION - How can I overcome sin and stay out of trouble?
NONIE - In the after-life will people be taught about Joseph Smith; will we find out who shot JFK?
PAUL - How can I get my priesthood line of authority?
JON - Can gay Church members inherit the Celestial Kingdom?
TM - Questions about a spouse canceling a child's baptism and reimbursement of tithing money.
LYNN - What exactly does an angel do to be ministering?
JON - Questions about creation and the origin of man
DAVID - Are members of the latter day saints allowed to file malpractice lawsuits?
MICHELLE - If a female has a abortion before knowing the Lds gospel can they be baptized in the church?
MARK - Why do the seven day adventist say that the saturday is real sabbath day?
PAM - Is the seagulls eating the crickets story more myth than truth?
CORY - How can Mormons believe in eternal happiness?
JIM - Why were oxen selected to represent the 12 tribes as the base to temple baptismal fonts?
JON - How does the LDS church feel about Muhammad and the Islamic faith?
IVAN - Who sets apart the newly ordained Prophet?
KELLY - Asks about Church policy on wearing masks at a Halloween party
TANYA -If the Lord forgives our sins, why is everyone going to be judged by their thoughts and actions?
AKID - Do Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have the same physical appearance?
MO - Is there a Church policy against carrying concealed weapons into a church building?
COREY - Who is the fifth angel mentioned in Rev. 9:1?
ANONYMOUS - To whom would one make a check to when paying tithing to the LDS Church?
KIRK - How can our flesh and bone heavenly parents create spirit children?
LUCAS - How long will Satan be loosed after the Millennium?
MALCOLM - Asks about the Church's "fence-sitting" position on capital punishment
PATRICK - Are there some sins that are greater or more serious than the others?
BRENT - Did God design creatures for creation or is their design an eternal rule?
PATRICK - Why does the church have a welfare system?
STEPHEN - Can men who hold the priesthood and work in the temple also be masononic grand masters?
YHOMY - Can you enumerate the fruits of all the prophets from adam down to Thomas S. Monson?
IVAN - Were Adam and Eve brought here from another planet?
CYREL - Asks for an explanation of Proverb 30:4
PAM - I HEARD that one of the three witnesses “only saw the plates with an eye of faith”
GREG - Asks about the symbolical meaning of the number 6.
IVAN - Who should be called by the title "President" in Districts and Branchs?
DIAZ - Why do many people that says that the sabbath day is on sunday?
AMY - What is the origin of the Patriarchal blessing?
SARA - Has the church made an official statement reguarding the use of birth control, more specifically the use of an IUD?
RUDY - Are family members perrmitted to see each other if they end up in the same Terrestrial or Telestial kingdoms?
ANON - Please explain why section 132 is still contained in LDS scriptures if it does not represent doctrine.
LISA - What does the phrase "Many are called but few are chosen" mean?
PAT - Is there a study you know of that states the positive or negative effects on children with a working mother?
BONNIE - Will the Church be forced to allow gay people to be married in the temple?
PAM - What do you say to people who believe that the Genesis flood of Noah was just a Hebrew embellishment of the Gilgemesh Flood myth?
DAVID - In the resurrection will black's skin be turned white?
RUDY - What does God have in store for my friend who wasn't married in life, but who accepts His gospel in the next life?
AKID - Who are the 7 angels in the book of revelation?
JAMES - Did Jesus resurrect those he brought back from the dead before His resurrection?
RAY - Has the prophecy in Joel 2:31 been fulfilled about the moon turning to blood and the sun turning to darkness?
BONNIE - Is it OK to drink decaffeinated coffee or use it in cooking?
RAY - Question about the great sign that is to precede the second coming of Christ
WILLIAM - What sins are we "required" by Gods law to confess to the Bishop?
TANYA - If a person is doing their very best to overcome a sin, but still slips up, does that mean all our previous past sins of that kind are heeped upon us again?
COREY - What do you think about daily exercise on a sunday?
ADRIAN - Does the LDS Church have an opinion about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary or about the miracles of the Saints officially recognized by the Catholic Church?
NELSON - Is it possible to have 4 councelors in the first presidency?
ELDER OYELAJA - Why do we not use unleavened bread or wine in our Sacrament service?
TOM - Could this be an actual photo of Joseph Smith?
ADRIAN - Question about the eternal nature of the spirits of men and women.
JACK - Question about annointing with oil.
KIRK - Will little children be resurrected as children or as adults? Will their parents be able to raise them during the Millennium?
BETTY - Will the "mark of the beast" come before or after the appearance of the two prophets spoken of in Revelation 11?
SERGIO - Why have so many past church leaders been involved in Freemasonry, which has been associated with lucifer?
ELDER CURTIS - Where is the Spirit World?
WILLIAM - What does the Lord think about spanking children?
TANYA - Question about the Holy Ghost dwelling inside a person
JIM - How long were Joseph, Mary and Jesus in exile in Egypt before Herod died?
JOSHUA - Were the twelve Disciples in the Book of Mormon Apostles as the Twelve in Jerusalem?
PAT - Why do so many wear the sacred temple clothing to their own funeral for all to see?
LISA - Why do I feel so tired and drained after a spiritual experience?
TANYA - Why did God wait so long to give the world the Word of Wisdom?
CAROLINA - Questions about marriage in heaven and the Holy Ghost.
GLENN - Where's the proof?
CAROLINA - Question about the Church's stance on proposition 8.
AMEMBER - Who is the anti-christ?
BETTY - Will the Holy Ghost ever receive a body?
JANIS - Did Chad Hardy lose his BYU diploma because he was excommunicated from the Church?
CAROLINA - If Mormons thought polygamy was OK why are they against same-gender marriage?
SANDRA - What is the real story about Lilith and Adam?
TANYA - Does HF allow trials to make us stronger and teach us lessons or to chastise us?
RICHARD - Asks for an interpretation of a couple of scriptures.
ENOCH - Could you list some revelations unique to the Book of Mormon that deal with doctrine.
JEREMY - Was Joseph Smith really married to several teenage girls?
RICHARD - Is the Sacrament an ordinance that is necessary for exaltation?
JON - Why is astrology frowned upon when the wise men knew of christ birth because of a star?
RAY - What is really the doctrine of hell? It is really literal like an overwhelming heated place?
COREY - Does 1 Cor 7:12-14 mean an unbelieving spouse can be exalted through a beliving spouse?
AARON - Is it more difficult for people to change and accept the gospel in spirit prison?
SHARI - Can Satan read our minds?
RICHARD - Question about tithing.
STACY - How will spirit children be made in the next life?
FRED - Comments on an answer about who or what the "rock" represents in Matt 16:16-18
STACY - Asks about the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction.
STEPHEN - Is blessing or dedicating a home a priesthood ordinance?
RICHARD - What happens in the next life to a child who is sealed to his parents if the parents don't make it to the Celestial Kingdom
SHAWN - Is the temple spoken of in Ezekial 43, the same one that the sons of Levi will make their sacrifice in?
RANDALL - Is the Church back peddling on the belief that God was once a man and that we can become gods?
MARK - How do we know when the Prophet is speaking the word of God?
JACK - If God lived on an earth and progressed to godhood, does that mean that God possibly sinned and was in need of a savior Himself?
SHAWN - Did Jesus call Judas a "son of perdition"?
JOHN - Questions about the Book of Mormon.
CONFUSED - Questions about the Celestial Kingdom.
JOHN - Why did Joseph Smith quote so often from the Bible rather than the Book of Mormon?
JOHN - Are there any studies showing the success of priesthood or faith-based healings?
TYLER - When and how did the Twelve Apostles receive the Holy Ghost?
NELSON - What are the names of the Three Nephites and where are they now?
STACY - Who are the lost tribes of Israel?
ROBERT - Provides extra information for some answered questions.
CHRISTOPHER - Questions about homosexuality and the Book of Mormon
ROGER - Does the LDS church recommend using MRE's for disaster preparation/food storage?
JANN - What happens to beloved pets in the afterlife?
STEVE - Questions about Church history and latter-day prophets.
CHRISTOPHER - Are there any scriptures that shows Judas was not as bad as we make him out to be?
ROBERTO - Why would God give the catholic church a more than 1000 year head start to grow more than the mormon church if it isn't his church?
JOHN - Why did Joseph and Oliver ordain each other to the priesthood again after receiving it from John the Baptist?
LYNN - Where are the three kingdoms of glory going to be?
JANIS - Explain the phrase, "till the sons of Levi do offer again an offering unto the Lord in righeousness"
STEPHEN - Who were the three men that appeared before Abraham?
TANYA - Why didn't JS observe the Word of Wisdom when he is the one who received it?
ILIGAN - What is the difference between the pre-mortal life and the Celestial Kingdom?
HILDEGARD - How come no trees were destroyed in the flood of Noah?
MIKE - Is it true that Joseph Smith was getting married to other women behind his wife's back?
SHAWN - Has the prophet Moroni received his exaltation like Abrahan, Isaac, and Jacob?
TOM - Is there any physical evidence to support the claim about the Garden of Eden being in Jackson County Missouri?
BRAD - Questions about the Old Testament calendar and the number of spirits cast out of heaven.
BEN - Were there any early canonized or official church statements concerning the barring of blacks from the priesthood.
TROY - Was Joseph Smith ever convicted of any charges against him?
MIKE - If Romney becomes president would he be obligated to do what the prophet tells him in regards to running the country?
TOM - Asks about the authenticity of a quote from Einstein about James E. Talmage.
APRIL - In the mormon church do they feel woman can and should join the military if they wish?
TOM - Questions about Jesus' earthly father and brothers and sisters.
MISTY - Do Latter Day Saints have a requirement of having children to get to heaven?
DUSTIN - I am looking for a statement by Joseph Smith regarding witnesses to temple ordinances.
COLETTE - Asks how Mormons interpret certain scriptures requiring grace for eternal life.
RICK - How can someone join the church without meeting with the missionaries?
RICHARD - Asks for clarification on the interpretation of D&C 132:26.
KWASI - Did Joseph, son of Jacob, marry within the covenant?
M'LISA - By allowing men to be sealed to multiple women, but not the reverse, doesn't this place women in a second rate status in the laws of the Church?
SONYA - How can Mormons use the Bible in light of what Revelation 22:18 says?
TOM - What do you think of aliens and Bigfoot?
TRACY - What is the source of Benjamin Franklin's "parable" about Abraham turning out a guest?
TANYA - Is one doomed to damnation if they enter the Temple unworthily?
TERRY - What exactly does our church believe to be the definition of "Special Witness"?
RICHARD - Who was it that said if you memorize a scripture every day for two years you will develop a photographic memory?
KWASI - Question about the atonement and the law of sacrifice.
CHAD - What is the purpose of the Polyandry? Will there be plural marriage during the Millennium?
MELONI - If people are not married or given in marriage when they are out of the world, then how are people able to have sealings performed for them in the temple after their death?
SUE - A question about confession of sins before baptism.
AARONS - Can satan put bad thoughts into our minds? How do we keep them out?
TOM - Questions about performining priesthood ordinations
MELONI - Do the Apostles have the authority to forgive sins?
RICHARD - Will there be an opportunity for us to change our shapes and sizes during the millennium or when we are resurrected?
JOLYN - Why does a priesthood holder always have to be the last speaker in Sacrament meeting?
JIM - Could pre-mortal spirits choose not to come to earth?
SHAWN - A question on Paul's reference to baptism for the dead.
LISA - How can I have eternal life if noone else in my family accepts the gospel?
MRMOVES - A Question about the doctrine of God once being a man.
DEVIN - When set apart why is an Elder's Quorum President given keys but a High Priest Group leader is given no keys?
KOORI - How does the burnt offering in the OT relate to Jesus and his life?
BRENDA - Do the South American Saints drink Yerba Matte?
ANDREANA - Should we say a blessing on our food in public?
IVAN - Who were the angels Rafael and Uriel?
JEREMY - If God is unchanging why would he change something so sacred as the temple ordinance?
ZANE - Do you have to believe that Joseph Smith really was a prophet to be a member of the church?
TANYA - Why does Matthew say that Jesus does not know the time of His second coming?
DJ - Comparing the vision at the Kirtland Temple to the mount of transfiguration.
DORIS - Why does the mormon church allow temple divorces and temple cancelations?
IVAN - Were the "sons of perdition" all men or was there women also?
CHRISTINA - I am not LDS but what makes me excepted from being sealed to my husband for eternity?
LYNN - Is partaking of the Sacrament on Fast Sunday breaking the Fast?
SARAH - Why do parents in your Church not let their children play with non member children?
JO - Why do women have to veil their faces in the presence of God? Will women be able to see God?
BATKINSON - What sources are considered to be Church doctrine?
SARA - If we are having a big family gathering and my husband is not home, who should ask for someone to bless the food?
ZANE - Why are you not allowed to criticize the church authority even if they are wrong?
CHAD - Is there a written Church policy on not wearing masks during Halloween?
RON - Is it wrong to say our personal prayers in an audible voice?

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