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Answers to Submitted Questions About the LDS Church by Joel Hardy

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ROSIE - How do mormons feel about other religions' so called prophets?
RICHARD - What sort of mind altering drugs do you suppose Joseph Smith was taking?
KIM - What are the JST Bible and endowments?
DEBBIE - Where does it say in the Bible we can become kings, queens, and gods and that we have to be married for the Celestial kingdom?
NANCY - Is it my parents right to not want to have LDS scriptures in their home?
JAN - My parents will disown my sister if she joins the Mormon Church.
SHERRY - Why do some members want their names removed from the rolls of the church?
KIM - Could you please explain baptism of the dead?
VICKY - Does a Mormon have to pay tithes on state welfare?
SASHA - What is the Church's position on suicide?
CARLY - My sister was disowned by her family when she joined the church.
SAM - Is the Celestial Kingdom already existing or will it be created at the end? Where is God residing now?
YOLANDA - If you are sealed to your parents and then later sealed to a spouse, who are you sealed to in heaven?
LYNN - Why did Joseph Smith marry several women who were already married at the time?
SUSAN - Why can't mormon missionarys watch the news or read the newspapers?
SHANE - How would Mormon parents feel if their children wanted to change religions?
SARA - Does the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City have satanic symbols?
GRACE - How do Mormons feel about marrying nonmembers?
CHRISTINA - Can Mormon missionaries seek out entertainment on their days off?
CANDY - Why cant the missionaries call their parents more then twice a year, or go home for funerals?
BRENDA - Can Mormon youth go to other entertainment besides church dances and church activities?
NANCY - Why are mormons and missionaries so pushy?
ROSE - Why do missionaries visit other churches?
SELENA - If mormons are so honest why are there locks on the lockers inside the temple?
SUE - Is it wrong for LDS to drink green tea?
JIMMY - I recently heard that the LDS ministry is on a non pay status, I find this very hard to believe
JESSICA - How does the mormon church stand on the death penalty?
SHARI - Questions about polygamy
ANGIE - Is it true that mormon missionaries can pick and choose who they want to teach the discussions to?
SINDY - Do mormons really believe that other churches are the churches of the devil?
LISA - Can mormons parent their own children or do they have to use the guidelines set by the church?
STEVE - Is the Mormon Church polytheistic or monotheistic?
ANNE - If our daughter is baptized a Mormon can she still attend our Seventh Day Adventist Church?
JULIE - Are Mormon women allowed to have jobs?
RAY - Why doesn't the LDS Church use the Girl Scout program for their young women?
VILMA - Why am I excluded from attending my grandaughter's wedding ceremony?
IRENE - What is the view of the mormon church in reference to people with intellectual disabilities?
DON -How does the Olmec civilization correspond to the Book of Mormon Jaredites?
STACY - Can parents receive revelation for their children about who they are to marry?
ARCHIE - Why do we use water in our sacrament rather than wine?
DIANE - Questions about sealing children to parents.
DEVIN - Is the Ensign, or First Presidency message or Conference Report scripture?
JANEECE - What is the Church's stance on wearing bikinis?
JOSH - Does the lds church associate with other churches?
DAVE - Are there references to polygamy in the Book of Mormon?
AMS - How come you guys don't talk about Jesus?
BRANDON - Why do Mormons have eight wives?
RAY - What has helped you in answering the questions that are posed?
GAREN - Questions about face cards.
TRANSLATION - Why can't the Bible and Book of Mormon be translated into plain English?
SHELBY - Question about getting remarried after a temple divorce
JILL - Questions about polygamy
MICHAEL - Were the Jaredites part of the lost ten tribes?
JHEALY - Asks for evidence to support Article of Faith #8.
FOX - Asks how we account for Greek words and Bible errors showing up in The Book of Mormon.
SHANNA - Is it wrong to marry outside your race?
STEPHANIE - Questions about rapture, revelation, and apocalypse
DEAN - Question about hearing and accepting the gospel in the after life and temple ordinances
KRIS - Asks questions for a project about different religions
EDWARD - Do LDS church members pay tithing on their Gross or Net income?
JEREMY - Is it possible to go to the Celestial Kingdom if you die before choosing a religion?
SUUMUR - Are there any scriptures that support eternal marriages and family in the Bible?
KENOBI - Asks for help with contradictions in the Book of Mormon about the nature of God and baptism?
SARAH - Was the serpent punished for decieving our first parents?
STEVE - Why do Mormons worship on the first day of the week, Sunday, instead of the seventh day of the week, Saturday?
KIM - Are men more important than women?
DIANE - What is the step by step process of a Mormon worship service?
DP - How many children did Joseph Smith have?
KRISTEN - How on earth could your church pretend to have any answers to any questions about anything?
PASCALE - Do I need to be rebaptized?
BRAD - Why did God tell Adam and Eve to not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, if it was in His plan to have them do so?
RAY - What was the purpose of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden?
STEVEN - Why does the Church leadership today have a President with two councilors when Christ did not have this during His ministry?
DEVIN - Is Jehovah in the Old Testament Jesus Christ in the New Testament?
INTERESTED - How many men did Joseph Smith kill in his lifetime and why?
TOM - Why aren't women mentioned much in the scriptures? What is the scriptural justification for denying blacks the priesthood?
KATRINA - Which Church is the most abominable above all other churches as spoken of in the Book of Mormon?
TONYA - What are the Church's views on egg donations from women?
TOM - Questions about the Spirit; Native American DNA; why church is boring; and lineage of blacks in patriarchal blessings.
HOLLY - Questions about parentage of Christ, Kolob, and Salvation.
JEREMIAH - What kind of condemnation comes to those that do not believe, in the Mormon Religion?
HOLLY - Do Mormans believe that God and Jesus have bodies of flesh and blood?
JESSE - I need some Biblical references and other historical information about the belief in a pre-earth life.
KIM - Is it OK for a counselor in a Bishopric to have a beard?
ALICE - How are mission presidents chosen and how long do they serve?
HB - Asks for references that speak of righteous women not being denied blessings of an eternal marriage.
NATHAN - Who was king lamoni's father? What was his name?
DAN - What is the church's position on trading in the stock market?
DOUG - Is it incorrect to pray for those who are deceased?
MPAILLER - Questions about references to life of Christ early in Book of Mormon
JEREMIAH - Why do you as LDS say that we should not to pray to Jesus when Acts 7:59 & 60 has Stephen praying to Jesus?
LARRY - If Moroni buried the plates in Central America, how did Joseph Smith find them in New York?
KITTY - What is the churches view on divorce? On divorce of the Bishop or Branch President?
LORI - Can a Woman get her Temple endowments if she is not planning on going a mission or getting married anytime soon?
JAMES - Can you explain what Jesus meant when he said "on this rock I will build my church"?
KALLISTO - How can someone reject the Gospel when they learn about it in Heaven after they die?
LAURA - What was the purpose of forgivness if you still have to "do good works" to obtain complete salvation?
DAVID - Were Jesus and Satan brothers?
KELLY - Do Mormons believe that Catholics are going to hell?
LAURA - If a man can become a god why have there been no other gods recognized? Why are the Mormon temple ordinances so secretive?
TRAVIS - Is James J. Strang's church still around? What are the requirements for joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?
THOMAS - Were Lucifer and the 1/3 of the host of heaven cast down only to our world or to all other worlds?
LISE - Who will build the temple in Jerusalem?
MARK - Was Joseph Smith really a treasure hunter with an interest in the occult?
STEPH - Why is the word "saint" used in the name for the Mormon church.?
ANGIE - Did the Book of Mormon originate in the area of Guatemala?
DOROTHY - Asks questions about the influence of the Islam religion on Joseph Smith
JAMES - Where did Joseph Smith learn Greek and/or Hebrew?
RAYCHELL - Asks for an explanation on why I claim the Bible has some mistakes in it.
WANDA - Why was temple ordinance work done for Hitler?
MONIQUE - What is the truth about why we (LDS) can't drink tea or coffee?
JOSH - What is the church's view on us joining the Masons?
STEVE - What does the word "Rapture" mean, as used by the general Christian commuity?
RAY - Can a member who commits adultry, repent and still have a chance to be exalted in the Celestial kingdom?
ROB - Asks to explain how a God can be formed, which contradicts Isaiah 43:10
SCOTT - Is it wrong to marry outside of the Church, knowing that your wife and probably your kids would not be LDS either?
DARLENE - Can God's children living on other planets also be exalted to Godhood?
KRISTY - Asks a question on the inerrancy of the Bible.
K.R. - Can mormans legally marry more than one women in the state of Utah?
GAIL - I would like to know if the Church has a stand on the stem cell research?
BARB - Are "LDS" and "Mormon" no longer acceptable names for the Church?
DOUG - Did Joseph Smith drink alcohol?
ERIC - Why should my LDS friend be penalized for marrying me who is a nonmember?
ANNE - Will my husband be damned for not paying his tithing?
DOUG - What is the position of the church on the donation of body parts after death?
DANIEL - What happens to a family that has been sealed in the Temple, if they have been assigned to different glories after the resurrection?
ROBLYER - Why can't I find any complete information or history of the Mountain Meadows Massacre? Did Joseph Smith and other leaders belong to the Masons?
JOSH - Why do we try and convert people from other churches?
JOHNS - What it meant by "natural action" in regards to the conception and birth of Jesus?
MATT - Is there another Gospel waiting to be discovered?
JANIS - Why do former church members insist on having their names removed from the Church records? Why do they continue to persecute the church after they leave?
MIKE - Asks for explainations for errors that exist in the Book of Mormon.
TERRI - What happens when a couple is granted a temple divorce?
SARA - What are the three heavens and who go there? Define the word "sinner" and who do you as a religion consider a sinner?
JEREMY - How much are the general authorities and the prophet's "living expenses" that they receive for their full time service to the church?
MICHAEL - Why do so many people outside the Church feel Joseph Smith is a fraud, a gold-digger, and a false-prophet"?
KAREN - In Revelations 13:3 Is the head of the beast Satan? And what are they talking about when it said that it was wounded and came alive?
ELIZA - Why is there plural marriage in heaven?
ELIZABETH - How do we become gods after we die?
CAROLYN - Why do Mormons consider polygamy acceptable?
REBEKAH - Asks questions on how to help a friend that has homosexual feelings
ANNETTE - What is the proper dress standard for women at church?
CHAD - How could Jesus have been created by heavenly parents?
VISITOR - What do Mormons think about yoga?
BROOKS - Does Daniel describe the skin color of God?
MANUEL - I've heard that Gordon B. Hinkley said that we couldn't use face cards. Is this true?
MANDY - Why waste money building expensive temples when there are so many in need of food and shelter?
KAREN - What is the position of the mormon church regarding negroes and their leadership within the church?
APRIL - Questions about temple weddings.
KEN - Will parents who had children die at a young age be allowed to raise those kids in the millenium?
SCOTTIE - 1. Were the original writings of the B.O.M written in reformed egyptian and hebrew?
2. If the lord knew when and how Joseph Smith was going to die, why is the revelation in D&C 130:15 conditional (" ..if thou livest..")?
JOCELYNE - Why is Mormonism the right faith? What evidence do you have?
BRIAN - How could the Garden of Eden have been located in Missouri as Joseph Smith claims?
KORBY - Is it true a parent in the Celestial Kingdom will not be able to visit a telestial kingdom child?
HARRY - How do you quit smoking naturally?
ARIANA - What are Endowments?
DREW - Asks for scriptures that show what we will be doing in heaven.
RBYSECKER - Question about Parley P. Pratt's prophesy in "Mormonism Unveiled" pamphlet.
JANEEN - What is the mission and birthright of the lineage of Ephriam?
ERIN - What is priesthood?
ANA - Question about being sealed to a dead spouse
BILL - Did the Lord command the brother of Jared to make a hole at the bottom of the barge and use it as an air hole?
GINA - How did the Young Women program come about?
JOHN - How long must a disfellowshipped member wait before being allowed a leadership position in the Church?
CUB - Please define the Mormon Levitical Priesthood and explain how they justify their belief in this priesthood.
KIMBERLY - How does the Holy Ghost help you find peace?
LEXI - What are the don'ts for Mormons?
ANON - If you break the law of chastity and repent can you still be married in the Temple?
ALEX - Why can't Mormons date non-members?
MEREDITH - What theological questions are most debated among Mormons?
NICOLE - Is it wrong for LDS members to study or believe in astrology?
DANIEL - How do I explain polygamy to my non-member friends and family
HEATHER - What are some similarities between this religion and Hasidic Judaism?
DAVID - Are confessions in the LDS Church the same as in the Catholic Church?
BECKY - Concerns about how misssionaries respond to questions and about Christ always being God
GINETTE - Why are Mormons allowed to kiss before marriage?
GEORGE - Can we chose another day of the week for our Sabbath if we work on Sunday?
SHERRY - Does the LDS Church give a misleading statement about polygamy on its web site?
PAUL - Did Jesus establish TWO churches during the first century or just one?
ROBERT - What about the many references in the Bible about there only being one God?
DENISE - Are there any rites that Mormon adolescents go through when they become men and women?
DAVID - Is refusing to drink caffeinated soft drinks going "beyond the mark?
ARNOLD - Are there any official remarks from the LDS Church regarding UFO sightings?
DEF - Why was the Proclamation on the Family written?
BRI - What are the major differences between the Catholic and Mormon Churches?
QUEST - Asks questions about LDS beliefs about God
PEG - Has the prophet ever told us to not have face cards in our homes?
BRETO - What does the Mormon Church say about inter-racial marriages?
DAVID - Questions about the apostle Amasa Lyman's excommunication and restoration of temple blessings
GAIL - Will any of the young people of today still be alive when Christ comes again?
SM - Is it OK to "adopt" frozen embryos?
SANDY - Does my spirit appear obese like my body? Will I be obese after the resurrection?
KC - Asks why there aren't many Blacks in the Church and why the priesthood was withheld from them for so long
CARL -Asks questions about the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible and Bible references about the Pre-existance
CHUCK - Were Adam and Eve allowed all the privileges of a married couple except they couldn't have children while in the Garden of Eden? What was their sin?
JCRUTCH - Asks questions about LDS baptism and heaven
GEO - Asks questions about the nature of a soul
DAVE - How did Alma get priesthood authority to baptize?
TOM - Questions about patriarchal blessings and the second coming.
PINESOLQUEEN - Is there any physical proof of the horses being here before the Americas were "discovered"?
PURRDITA - After Christ comes will immortal people be able to physically bear children who could not do so when they were mortal?
MH - Where are the plates (Book of Mormon ) that Joseph Smith translated now?
MALIA - Wants to know about the LDS Temple rituals and why she can't go to her best friend's Temple wedding.
JIM - How do you respond to those who claim that Mormons are not Christians?
LINDA - Is there progression beyond the Celestial Kingdom?
WAYNE - Where did the First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve Apostles serve on their missions before marriage?
DWONG - The doctrine on no forgiveness for murder.
MORMON SCIENTIST - Quotations from Church leaders on organic evolution.
LINDA - Joseph Smith seeing a salamander instead of God and Jesus?
MURDOCH - Husbands getting their wives into heaven and why Mormons have so many babies.
P. ALLEN - Asks why the LDS don't use the crucifix.
WB - Asks about having a boy friend at 14 years of age.
ANAND - How can you believe in a prophet like Joseph Smith, that God warns us about in the Bible.
PAM - The Mormon doctrine says that there are sins that can not be forgiven? That is not what the Bible says! What can you tell me about Mormon doctrine on the issue of forgiveness?
EILEEN - I have been told by our leaders that we(LDS) do not cremate people. I would like an explanation why and the scriptures that pertain to it.
PAM - Asks how the Mormon church can believe that there are many gods when Bible scriptures seem to contradict the concept.
ZACH - There is proof of the Bible; they still have the original papers, so where is the proof of the Book of Mormon, why has no one seen the Gold Plates?.
KIM - Asks questions about the Church's doctrine on unwed teen mothers and adoption.
ED - Will a relationship continue with children of righteous parents after death if all the family members do not inherit the celestial kingdom?
SUE - Asks about Church leaders opinion about men having facial hair and beards.
BECCA - Asks questions about men becoming Gods, polygamy, and salvation
AMY - If God was once a man and we can become gods ourselves, does this mean that right now there are gods in other universes that they created?
WILLIAM - Why do the Mormons make allowances for abortions
NICK - Questions about the Adam-God doctrine.
BILLY - What kinds of festivals and arts do the mormons have?
MINDY - What are the full names of the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles?
MICHAEL - What is the church's doctrine concerning Fossils/ dinosaurs?
NICK - Does the LDS church teach that God the Father physically/literally impregnated the Virgin Mary?
ROBIN - What do I do when prompted by the Spirit to share the Gospel with someone?
TRALASS - What is it like to date or to be married to a Mormon?
IVAN - LDS professional atheletes who play on Sunday
CASTILLO - Near Death Experiences
CRAIG - Using the "Bible Code" program on the Book of Mormon
KAREN - Origin of the term "Jack Mormon"
ANNIE - Word of Wisdom
DEBBE - Emma Smith and polygamy
ERIC - Nature of God
MARTHA - Was David forgiven for murder?
JAKE - Trust not in the arm of the flesh.
ROBERT - The Strangites.
JOHN - Why do bad things happen to good people?
DAN - Why did the Church practice polygamy?

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