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NIWDE - I want to give a scenario. What if i got married to someone in the temple and God bless us with children and time comes we realized that we were not meant to be. Maybe because it first we didn't get more closure. After many councils we received from our leaders we decided to have divorce. A month of process we finally got divorce. Time comes in staying in the church i met woman and we want both of us o get married for time and eternity.

JOEL - Questions:

1. Would it possible for us to married in the temple even i had my past? which was i got married in the temple before.

Yes. If a husband and wife have been sealed and later divorced, the man can be sealed to another woman, but must receive a sealing clearance from the First Presidency before being sealed to the second woman. If the former wife wants to be sealed again she would need to have her sealing with you canceled before being sealed to another man.

2. Now that i am divorce to my past wife, what is the standing of my children in sealing? does the sealing bestowed us in the temple became invalid?

No. The sealing does not become invalid for the children. The children do not lose the blessings of the sealing if their parents divorce. They are still considered sealed.

3. If yes, Do the church allowed me that my children will be sealed in the temple with my new wife?

It is possible although unnecessary, since the children are still considered sealed in the first marriage. When children are sealed to parents or born under the covenant they are not just sealed to their parents, but to the eternal patriarchal family of God in heaven.
However, if everyone is agreeable to it, the children sealed in first marriage can be sealed to the father and step-mother of the second marriage, but only upon approval of the First Presidency.
If your former wife is married (not sealed) to another man, any children she has with him are considered born in the covenant of the first marriage with you.
If she has her first sealing canceled to be sealed to the other man, any other children she has are considered born in the covenant of the second marriage with him.

Kind of confusing, but you can always ask your Bishop for clarification.

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