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MUNDO - One of the Leaders in our ward has an enemy member in our ward (also a former leader ) but that leader has a calling in the Church. Our bishop is planning to release that Leader because he is not a good example for the other members, but that Leader told the Bishop that if the Bishop release a Leader the Bishop needs to send him a letter telling him why he needs to be released. My question was, is that the right process how to release a Leader?

JOEL - Not knowing all the details of the situation makes it hard to give a fully informed opinion. Normally when a Bishop thinks it's time to release someone he will call them into his office and thank them for their service and inform them that it is time for them to be released. A faithful member will accept the release and ask how they could be of service in some other calling. I have never heard of a Bishop needing to write a letter to tell a member this.

According to the Church Handbook:
"Releases from Church callings are made by the same level of authority that extended the callings. To issue a release, an authorized leader meets with the member personally, informs him or her of the release, and expresses appreciation for the service." (Church Handbook of Instructions)

Nothing about writing a letter is mentioned. Things might be different in other cultures and people might have opinions of proper etiquette or procedure for such things, but what you described is not common as far as I know.

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