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MOBIO - Why is the church NOT part of any Christian Association?

JOEL - First of all most Christian Associations do not consider the LDS Church to be a Christian religion, therefore we do not qualify to join them. Some years ago our stake president was a member of a local Christian association which included leaders of other Christian faiths in our city. But one year many of those other members of the group decided to vote him out because they did not consider him to be Christian because he was a Mormon.

Another reason is that we simply don't need to belong to such organizations. Many Christian associations are formed so they can have other resources to draw from (other faiths) in order to accomplish their tasks and be able to organize their efforts to provide service to specific groups of people. For example the goal of the the Young Men's (or Women's)Christian Association (YMCA and YWCA) is to put Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy "body, mind and spirit" for young men and women. The LDS Church already has it's own Young Men's and Young Women's programs which have those same goals in mind and accomplishes this through well-organized church activities and by associating with the Boy Scout program for the young men. The LDS Church is a very self-sustaining, well-organized religion that doesn't really need the support of such associations, although we do sometimes work along side those of other Christian faiths in service projects in the community and world.

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