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MOBIO - Why don't we (mormons) use instruments to worship and praise God , but rather quickly sing hymns that make people bored ?

JOEL - Of course we do use the piano and organ, and sometimes a harp, or violins etc. The other instruments (horns, guitars, drums, etc) that some churches use in services are often associated more with rock groups which play music that is not compatible with the spirit of God. Worshipping should not need such music to entertain us. It might bring about an enjoyable emotional response, but not necessarily the spirit. On the other hand the right kind of music and instruments can be an expression of our worshipping to God and invite the proper spirit in to our hearts.

Here is the policy on music from the church handbook:
"Secular music should not replace sacred music in Sunday meetings. Some religiously oriented music presented in a popular style is not appropriate for sacrament meetings. Also, much sacred music that is suitable for concerts and recitals is not appropriate for a Latter-day Saint worship service. Music in Church meetings should not draw attention to itself or be for demonstration. This music is for worship, not performance.
Organs and pianos, or their electronic equivalents, are the standard instruments used in Church meetings. If other instruments are used, their use should be in keeping with the spirit of the meeting. Instruments with a prominent or less worshipful sound, such as most brass and percussion, are not appropriate for sacrament meeting."
(LDS Church Handbook #2)

It is not the responsibility of the music or speakers to keep us from being bored. If a person is bored they don't really know how to worship properly.

MOBIO - Why don't we hold delivrance crusades or deliver people from evil spirits ?

JOEL - I think our missionary program can count as a form of deliverence crusade, including our church general authorities who travel the world visiting many people of different nations and when they speak to us in General Conference. We just don't call it "deliverence crusade".

With regards to evil spirits:
"And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. " (Matthew 10:1)

Anyone in our church who holds the priesthood can and do cast out evil spirits with the same power and ability as the ancient Apostles had.

Your friends assume that the way they worship is the only way to worship because they grew up in that culture and it's all they know. All you can do is explain to them in a respectful way how you worship and allow them the same courtesy.

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