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LYNN - Is partaking of the Sacrament on Fast Sunday breaking the Fast?

JOEL - Although most people consider the Sacrament the closing act of their fast, we are told that fasting involves the missing of two full meals that would normally be eaten during the day. A small piece of bread and sip of water do not make a meal and would certainly not make any difference to the physical effects of the fasting of the two full meals, that helps bring humility to our souls. Also we are not eating the bread and water to satisfy our hunger; they are simply a part of the ordinance.
For certain the sacrament is not breaking the spiritual meaning or significance of the fast; it is in fact an enhancement of the experience. And that's what is most important.
Normally, one would not call it breaking the fast until he has had time to pray to God about the reason for the fast and then afterwards sit down to a real meal.

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