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LISA - When i leave the temple, after church, and after visiting teaching, I feel the spirit so strong! But after a while I feel so drained..I feel so tired..does that mean that the spirit leaves me? I dont understand why I can feel the spirit and then I feel drained?

JOEL - Although you may be feeling the spirit stronger at those times I don't believe the tired feeling is because the spirit has left you. It is a known phenomenon that various types of spiritual experiences can cause a drain on one's physical condition. For example, an experience that Joseph Smith relates:

"Elder Jedediah M. Grant enquired of me the cause of my turning pale and losing strength last night while blessing children. I told him that I saw that Lucifer would exert his influence to destroy the children that I was blessing, and I strove with all the faith and spirit that I had to seal upon them a blessing that would secure their lives upon the earth; and so much virtue went out of me into the children, that I became weak, from which I have not yet recovered; and I referred to the case of the woman touching the hem of the garment of Jesus. (Luke, 8th chapter.) The virtue here referred to is the spirit of life; and a man who exercises great faith in administering to the sick, blessing little children, or confirming, is liable to become weakened." (March 14, 1843.)

In my opinion this would include other spiritual experiences such as the ones you have described.

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