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LEHI - How is the calling and election made sure given to a person? Is it by the prophet, apostles or by the savior himself?

JOEL - I can't discuss the details of the ordiance but the second annointing is an ordinance practiced in the Temples of the Church on rare occaisions and is usually reserved for the general authorities and their wives or other worthy couples at the invitation of the President of the church. It is an indication that the couple have made their calling and election sure, guaranteeing their exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom. It is not a ordinance that is required for our eternal life.

The ordinance is performed under the direction of the President but is usually carried out by one of the Apostles and another General Authority. Those who have had the ordinance may qualify to receive a visitation of the Savior, but whether or not that actually happens is between the couple and the Lord.

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