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JUSTIN - I have a friend that was sealed to her spouse and later he was excommunicated. If my friend were to get remarried and sealed would she need to cancel her sealing before being sealed to someone else? Also, they had children after he was excommunicated. Are the kids born under the covenant and sealed to them? If not could they be sealed to her and her new spouse?

JOEL - Normally if a temple sealed husband and wife divorce the wife would need to get a cancelation of the sealing before she can be sealed to someone else. Even though excommunication of the husband revokes all of his temple blessings and sealings; he could repent sometime in the future and have all his temple blessings restored; which would include the sealing to his former wife if it had not been canceled. The process of getting the cancelation is probably easier given the fact that the exhusband was excommunicated. She also has to be sure that the divorce to her former husband is finalized. Children born after the excommunication of the husband are not considered born in the covenant. If they are unmarried or under 21 years old they can be sealed to the mother and new step father if (1) the other natural parent has given signed consent and (2) the natural parent to whom the child is being sealed has legal custody of the child. If the children are married or 21 or older the only requirement is that they must be endowed before being sealed to the parent and step-parent.

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