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JOSH - Can I hold a temple reccomend and work at a liquor store as a stocker?

JOEL - Yes, as long as you don't drink what you stock :-) I don't recall any questions in the temple recommend interview asking about one's profession. The only slightly related question would be the one about being honest in your dealngs with your fellow man (ie. do you give an honest days work for your pay).
There are many members in various professions who might worry over the propriety of the work they do; whether or not it is in conflict with the principles of the church; such as people who work at stores that sell liquor, members who work at gambling casinos in Las vegas; lawers, politicians, etc. How one feels about the propriety of what they do for a living is between the individual and God. Remember that even though you may have made a promise to not drink alcohol, those that patronize the store did not make the same promise. It is their choice to buy or not buy the alcohol. Chances are this is just a temporary job anyway while you are preparing for your life's true profession. In these hard times any job is hard to come by. If you do feel conflicted by it you can always change jobs in the future. Seek advise and counsel from your Bishop if you feel uncomfortable about your work.

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