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JON - I have a question of policy for home teaching. I am new to E.Sec. job and trying to assign a ward full of very ill or unable to get around High Priest. They want and need to fill home teaching assignments. I read some time (yrs) ago that these faithful brother could 50% of the time complete their home teaching by phone. The other 50% should be at the home either by a member of the quorum or Presidency or some one. Has that changed? These brother will be assigned the most active members who go to church. In the mission field it was allowed that only the less active should get at least a visit every 3 months and the real actives did not need a monthly visit. Do you have insight or help for me on this so I can give good guidiance and help the old men who need dignity of service.

JOEL - I have never heard of your 50% rule being standard policy in the church. I think something like that is more up to the discretion of the Stake President or Bishop and would greatly depend on the unique situations in a particular ward. Also, it should be more the responsibility of the Elder's Quorum Pres. rather than you to make the assignments.

One thing we have done in our ward is to give such men the assignment to write letters with a gospel message to those families who have requested no hometeaching visits. That way they are able to serve without leaving their homes. The "good guidance" your are seeking should come from your Bishop or Stake President who are responsible for the hometeaching program in the wards. They are the ones who should tell you what to do for these men and should have their own policy in place for this situation.

Here's a link to an Ensign article that mentions how the number and types of visits need to be adjusted sometimes depending on the circumstances:

Kellene Ricks Adams, “Becoming a Better Home Teacher or Visiting Teacher,” Ensign, Mar 1997, 24–33

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