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JON - This question has to do with something I read concerning our pre-exsistant state. It said "we were recognizable spirits there; forming relationships of friendships; that we were developing different talents that would be ours to share when we came to earth; that while on earth we would run into each other and feel a connection of knowing we have met before. We would bond easily and become supports to each other; when we died, we will then remember the whole process from the pre-existance, through this world, and it will be put all together in life here after. I have experienced this. How do you feel about that? Is there scripture or apostel or prophet talks on such? Do we know each other in the pre-existance, are we to meet and support each other to obtain our potential and can we receive visions that can guide us to each other?

JOEL - There really isn't much that we know about our pre-earth life, except that certain individuals were selected by God to come forth in mortality at specified times, under certain conditions, and to fulfill predesignated responsibilities. (Jer. 1:5, Abr 3: 22-23) One can only assume that during their pre-earth existance these individuals were able to develop certain talents and abilities that would help them in this life to fulfill those roles. We obviously were able to learn things well enough to make the choice to follow God's plan and come to earth.

We also know that those who kept their first estate by following the plan of God were all destined to come to this earth to receive a body and expereince earth life. It is quite possible that those who were to belong to certain families or be husband and wife knew each other before this life, but there really is no scripture or revelation from the prophets to support this notion. Nor is there any support for the idea that the connection we feel with certain people is because of the relationship we had with them before birth or that we are drawn to them because of it. We have only anecdotal evidence from those like you who have experienced such feelings. But just because there is no "official" scriptural doctrine on this subject, doesn't mean that it's not a true principle.

We have been taught that a veil of forgetfulness is placed over our spirit's mind so that we would not remember our pre-earth life; necessary so we can live by faith in this life and prove ourselves. But in my opinion there is nothing that says that we cannot sometimes experience feelings of recognition about some of the people in our lives that we may have known before birth. However, it is also possible that we might be drawn to certain people by influence of the Holy Ghost; inspiring us to interact with them for our mutual bennefit. We know that what we learn in this life we will take with us to the next (D&C 130:18-19).

President George Q. Cannon said:
"We shall go from this condition of existence into the other sphere with the same feelings, to some extent at least, as we have here. If we have had knowledge, we shall have it there. There will be just as much distinction between spirits there as you find between spirits here. Those who have made good use of their opportunities here will have the benefit of their diligence and faithfulness there. Those who have been careless and indifferent and have not acquired knowledge and power through the exercise of faith will find themselves lacking there. Memory will be quickened to a wonderful extent. Every deed that we have done will be brought to our recollection. Every acquaintance made will be remembered. There will be no scenes or incidents in our lives that will be forgotten by us in the world to come." (Gospel Truth: Discourses and Writings of President George Q. Cannon, p. 60)

Not only will we remember what happened in this life we will remember what happened in the pre-earth life. President Cannon also said:
"You have heard of men who have been drowning or have fallen from a great height describe that in about a second or two every event of their lives passed before them like a panorama with the rapidity of lightning. This shows what power there is latent in the human mind, which, when quickened by the power of God, will make men and women recall not only that which pertains to this life, but our memories will stretch back to the life we had before we came here, with the associations we had with our Father and God and with those bright spirits that stand around His throne and with the righteous and holy ones." (Ibid.)

Certainly when we move on from this life we will be able to "put it all together" as you said, and realize how what we did and who we knew in this life was probably influenced by our pre-mortal experience.

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