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JON - In the Mormon Faith we are asked to dedicate our homes and invite the spirit of the Lord in and the Holy Ghost. We ourselves are suppose to live our lives as to provide that atmosphere so the both of them will feel comfortable to come. We must have pure hearts, humble lives and Charity and Love. Can we, holding the Higher Priesthood, have the power to sanctify our home and grounds and actually welcome not only the angels, but Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost? Could you please tell me how I can make my home and grounds Holy Ground, so if the Lord chooses he will be welcomed or for any others who may want to come?

JOEL - When we dedicate our home it is not the physical structure itself that is made holy. There is no supernatural transformation that takes place nor spirit that invades the wood and cement structure. We don't dedicate the house; we dedicate the home; meaning that it is really our own lives and family that we are dedicating to God. The sacred and holy environment that exists within our home is realized by the people who live in it and their willingness to live so that His spirit will be present. You said it yourself, "They must have pure hearts, humble lives and Charity and Love."

President Monson said:
"Actually, a home is much more than a house. A house is built of lumber, brick, and stone. A home is made of love, sacrifice, and respect. A house can be a home, and a home can be a heaven when it shelters a family. When true values and basic virtues undergird the families of society, hope will conquer despair, and faith will triumph over doubt." (Thomas Monson Ensign Nov 2000 )

David O. McKay, said
“A true Mormon home is one in which if Christ should chance to enter, he would be pleased to linger and to rest.” (Conference Report, Oct. 1947, 120.)

A home doesn't even need to be dedicated to have the spirit there or for Jesus to visit. The place where God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith was not dedicated before that vision happened. What made the visit happen was the will of God and Joseph Smith's own willingness to give himself to God and obey his directions.

Jesus normally does not appear unless there is a specific purpose relating to His kingdom on earth; although there are those who have had their calling and election made sure who may have enjoyed a personal visit from Him. However our exaltation is not dependent on such an experience. We can make our homes sacred and worthy of the spirit and presence of Jesus by comparing how we feel in them to how we feel while in the temple. What do you see, and how do you feel when you enter your home? Is it a place of love, peace, and refuge from the world, as is the temple? Is it clean and orderly? As you walk through the rooms of your home, do you see uplifting images which include appropriate pictures of the temple and the Savior? Is your bedroom or sleeping area a place for personal prayer? Is your gathering area or kitchen a place where food is prepared and enjoyed together, allowing uplifting conversation and family time? Are scriptures found in a room where the family can study, pray, and learn together? Can you find your personal gospel study space? Does the music you hear or the entertainment you see, online or otherwise, offend the Spirit? Is the conversation uplifting and without contention?
The admonition to “establish … a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God” (D&C 88: 119) gives us a good idea of the type of home the Lord would have us build.

We just sang the following song in Church today which describes very well what our home life should be:

Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth #298
Home can be a heaven on earth
When we are filled with love,
Bringing happiness and joy,
Rich blessings from above-
Warmth and kindness, charity
Safety and security
Making home a part of heaven
Where we want to be.
Drawing family near each week
We'll keep love burning bright
Serving Him with cheerful hearts
We'll grow in truth and light
Parents teach and lead the way
Children honor and obey
Reaching for our home in heaven
Where we want to stay
Praying daily in our home
We'll feel His love devine
Searching scriptures faithfully
We'll noursh heart and mind
Singing hymns of thanks, we'll say
Father help us find the way
Leading to our home in heaven
Where we long to stay.

There really is no special dedicatory prayer that one can say to make happen what you are asking. Just keep in mind some of the things I have mentioned and your home will be a beacon to Jesus and if He has a reason to come He will come.

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