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JON - From the BOM we find that there were 3 Nephites and John the Beloved that were given eternal life or immortality to stay on earth until the second coming. I assume to help us motals in some way to come to Christ. There are stories of them coming and going through time and assuming names and even anouncing who they are. Some how I can not buy that. Are you aware of any time any of them have announced themselves with different names, dewelt in communities. There was an article about one of the 3 nephites who lived in Moab Utah with a family and they had his name. Can you shed light on any of this?

JOEL - There have been many stories of people claiming to have seen or be helped by the three Nephites. There are a couple of books that have been written which contain some of the more dramatic stories:

The Three Nephites and Other Translated Beings

About the Three Nephites

For many of these stories it is hard to attribute the identity of the personage to one of the three Nephites. Their primary mission in this life is missionary work(3 Nephi 28:6-9 3 Nephi 28: 25-30, 38-40); not to save people from physical danger as many of these stories claim. Most of the stories I have read could easily have more logical non-supernatural explainations. I have never heard any such stories coming from church authorities nor has the church made any formal statement as to the veracity of such stories. However, the scriptures do say that they can and will appear to anyone they choose, but because they will not reveal their true identity to those they minister to, we will never be able to validate any such appearances. I have answered a similar question with more information at this page.

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