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JON - I read one of your recent questions about submitting names of people for temple work. You mentioned you could do it for a friend with permission of a relative. When my wife and I were on our mission I got to know a Nazarene Minister and we shared the Gospel together. He got to know our religion and he called the LDS people "Born Again Christians" which I took as a compliment. In fact he took it upon himself to share that with all those he knew who thought us to be a cult. To cut this short. He believed in our teachings and beliefs and the plan of salvation. I even gave him a priesthood blessing when he was ill. He told me it would be awkward for him to change at such a elderly age but when I told him about the temple and that I would put his name in our prayer circle he was interested in what happens in there. He gave me his birth date, his wife's Birth Date, their full names, his and her parents names and said when he died he wanted me to perform his temple work. Is that appropriate? I know his only child, a daughter, would not agree, but he wanted it. I also believe that if I do not that he will accept it in the millennium. Your thoughts please.

JOEL - Here's what the Handbook says about your question:

"You may submit the names of individuals with whom you shared a friendship. This is an exception to the general rule that members should not submit the names of individuals to whom they are not related. Before performing ordinances for a deceased individual who was a friend, you should obtain permission from the individualís closest living relative." (Memberís Guide to Temple and Family History Work)

I would say the proper thing to do is to explain to the daughter what her father told you he wanted. If she does not agree then you probably should not do it. If she were to find out later that you did it without her permission she could be offended by it. You should also get permission from his wife's and her parents closest relatives before doing their ordinance work. And you would have to wait a year after the person's death before performing the ordinances.

If you do get permission then you can log in to the New Family Search site and do a search to see if the names are already listed. If not click on the "Add Information" tab, and then click on the "Add an Individual That is Not Connected to My Family Tree" link. You can then add the person and information and submit the name for ordinance work.

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