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JON - Can a member in good standing with the Church get rebaptised as a recommitment to Christ? No laying on of the hands for the H.G. or membership. Just the act of baptism. No witnesses, no recording. Can we do that to refresh our commitment just you and the person baptizing.

JOEL - No. the reasons you give are covered by the Sacrament. It is also against church policy for someone to be rebaptized, unless the person had previously been excommunicated and is rejoining the Church or if a person's baptismal record has been lost. Some saints in the early years of the church in Utah were rebaptized, but that was a different time and circumstance compared to today when our church leaders have counseled against it. Without proper authorization from a church authority and no witnesses it would be no different than just going for a short swim. It would also be considered a misuse of priesthood authority because it was not authorized by the Bishop.

President Joseph Fielding Smith said:
"It is unnecessary, however, to rebaptize persons merely as a renewal of their covenants every time they transgress in order that they may obtain forgiveness, for this would greatly cheapen this sacred ordinance and weaken its effectiveness. One baptism by water for the remission of sins should be enough, and there are other means by which sins may be forgiven for those who have made covenant with the Lord, provided they do not sin away their right to a standing in the Church." (Doctrines of Salvation Vol. 2)

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