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JOHN - Who is the person refered to in Abraham 3:27 as "One like unto the Son of Man"? I find no scripture reference to God ever being refered to as the Son of Man. Christ is refered to as the Son of Man. Are they refering to God as the Son of Man as being once a savoiur in his own right?

JOEL - No; it refers to Jesus. In this scripture Jesus was not yet an actual "Son of Man" because he hadn't been born yet. "Son of Man" was a position that someone had to fulfill in the future. In this context it should be regarded as a title given to Jesus, because it was something He was foreordained to be. So Jesus was "like unto the son of man" because it was He who would fill that future position. Its called a prophetic perfect tense. A way of refering to a person's future position as if it already exists and then comparing that person to himself in that future roll. So Jesus was "like unto" the person that he was foreordained to be so God chose Him to be the Savior and Son of man.

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