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JEAN - I have married for the 2nd time. I want to be sealed to my present spouse. I was sealed to my former spouse. My former spouse was excommunicated then re baptized but did not get his priesthood back. Do I have to get a letter from him and go through the temple divorce? Also I have a 37 year old son with autism who is considered an adult, but would not know the responsibilities associated with the temple endowment, can he be sealed to my husband and myself?

JOEL - The excommunication of your former spouse resulted in an automatic cancelation of any and all of his priesthood and temple ordinances. However, a sealing cancelation may still be required, in case he were to have his temple blessings restored at some future date. You do not need any any letter of permission. They may contact him for some information but nothing more.

In regards to your son, according to Church sealing policies:

"Members who are married or are 21 or older must receive their own endowment before they may be sealed to their parents" (CHI)

However, this requirement may not apply to him according to the following policy:

"When contemplating ordinances for a person who has a mental disability, priesthood leaders and parents prayerfully consider the person's wishes and degree of understanding. Ordinances should not be withheld if the person is worthy, wants to receive them, and demonstrates an appropriate degree of responsibility and accountability. Living persons whose disabilities cause them to have the mental capacity of little children may not be accountable (see D&C 29:46-50). The saving ordinances do not need to be performed for these persons." (CHI)

Your son can definately be sealed to you and your husband; the question is whether or not he must be endowed first. From what you say about him, he may be exempt from the requirement of being endowed. This must be determined according to the above policies and through prayer by you and your local church leaders.
Please verify through your Bishop all that I have said above to be certain it all applies to your particular situation.

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