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JAMES - At the time of the flood,i mean the time of noah, where did cain go?

JOEL - Cain was probably dead long before the flood of noah came. There is a popular but unsupported belief held by many that Cain was to live forever. Genesis records that God cursed cain to be "a fugative and a vagabond in the earth" (Genisis 4: 12-14), but there is no indication from the scriptures that this condition would last forever on the earth; if so, like you ask, where was he during the flood when "all flesh died that moved upon the earth"(Gen 7:21-23)?

Part of the curse that God put on Cain was not that he "could not die" in his outcast state; but that the mark placed on him would reveal his identity so that noone would kill him. The scriptures are silent on how or when he died, but I think we can assume that he may have lived a normal life span for that time and eventually died of natural causes or perhaps by some kind of accident, as recorded in the Non-canonical Book of Jasher. Although the Book of Jasher, mentioned in the Bible (Joshua 10:13; Samuel 1:18)is not scripture, it does appear to provide an interesting description of Cain's apparent accidental death:

26 And Lamech was old and advanced in years, and his eyes were dim that he could not see, and Tubal Cain, his son, was leading him and it was one day that Lamech went into the field and Tubal Cain his son was with him, and whilst they were walking in the field, Cain the son of Adam advanced towards them; for Lamech was very old and could not see much, and Tubal Cain his son was very young.
27 And Tubal Cain told his father to draw his bow, and with the arrows he smote Cain, who was yet far off, and he slew him, for he appeared to them to be an animal.
28 And the arrows entered Cain's body although he was distant from them, and he fell to the ground and died.
29 And the Lord requited Cain's evil according to his wickedness, which he had done to his brother Abel, according to the word of the Lord which he had spoken.
30 And it came to pass when Cain had died, that Lamech and Tubal went to see the animal which they had slain, and they saw, and behold Cain their grandfather was fallen dead upon the earth.
31 And Lamech was very much grieved at having done this, and in clapping his hands together he struck his son and caused his death.
32 And the wives of Lamech heard what Lamech had done, and they sought to kill him.
33 And the wives of Lamech hated him from that day, because he slew Cain and Tubal Cain, and the wives of Lamech separated from him, and would not hearken to him in those days. (Jasher 2:26-33)

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