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IVAN - Some bretheren and myself had a discussion about who should be called "President" in the district/branch. It was agreed to call the District President, his councilors, and Branch Presidents. The discussion sorrounded the Elders Quorum President, if he should be called "President"? Who else should be called by the title "President" in District and Branch?

JOEL - Technically speaking, anyone in a "Presidency" (which includes the president and his counselors) would carry the title of "president" whether they are in a stake, district, ward, or a branch.

Temple presidency
Stake presidency
Mission presidency
District presidency
Branch presidency
Elder's Quorum Presidency
Relief Society Presidency

In regards to titles, there would be no difference between a Ward Elder's quorum presidency or a Branch Elder's quorum presidency. However, perhaps according to tradition, the actual implementation of such titles might not occur in every situation. When in doubt, "brother" or "sister" always works.

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