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GREG - in Hebrews chapters 4 and 5, it talks of To day several times and there's many places in our scriptures that talk of this time period. Is there a reason why some are spelled "To day" and some "today". Are these different time periods or something ? It seems it's talking about our present time until death or a time while there's still the light of the gospel upon the earth! Do you know the meaning of the "todays" and why the differences in spelling and time periods?

JOEL - They are not different time periods. Either way of spelling it means the same thing: "this day" or "at this time". "To day" is a more archaic way of rendering the word "today". The King James translators chose to spell it this way. Most other modern translations of the Bible spell it as "today" in the same scriptures. The Book of Mormon and D&C use the word "today" also.

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