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GRACE - Why LDS celebrate Christmas? Is their any LDS doctrinal of this? I want quotation about this.

JOEL - There is no "doctrine" that tells us to celebrate Christmas; just tradition. No one really knows for sure the day of the year Jesus was born. In the year 354 A.D. Catholic Bishop Liberius of Rome issued an edict that Christmas was to be celebrated on Dec. 25, and that date has stuck for centuries.

Although we should think of Christ every day of our lives, the Christmas season gives us the opportunity to focus on His birth and what Heavenly Father did for us by providing us with a Savior. The gifts we give remind us of the gifts that were given by the Magi who visited Him, but more importantly they remind us of that one great gift given by the Father to us and the world; His Son. By sharing gifts and serving others we open our hearts and souls to show our love for our families, friends, strangers, and all creations of God.

Elder James E. Faust said:
"The holiday season is a special time because we make time for family, loved ones, and friends. We seem to turn outward rather than inward. We think more of others, including strangers. We have the spirit of giving." (Teachings of James E. Faust)

President Gordon B. Hinckley said:
"It is a season of peace. It is a season of love that is felt anew across much of this weary world. It is a season where we like to hear of kind deeds and we are motivated to perform them." (First Presidency Christmas Devotional, Dec. 3, 1989)

This is why we celebrate Christmas.

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