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GLENN - Where is the proof? Archaeologists have not discovered any ruins or artifacts to substantiate these claims? No coins have ever been found,No swords or sheilds no human remains even thought hundreds of thousands of men lost there lives.Wheres the manuscripts for the Book of Mormon?What about a valid geography? If the Mormon Church really had proof it would shout it from the roof tops. every one would know. But theres none are you willing to stake your soul on a fairy tale.If Im wrong according to Mormonism I still will go to one of the lower heavens which is far better than here.But if mormonism is wrong Joseph Smith and everyone that believed him will go to outer darkness.

JOEL - Religion is all about faith; not scientific evidence. I am willing to stake my soul on what I believe to be true; that's all anyone can do in any religion. Since you believe an "outer darkness" exists where all the Mormons will go, I assume you believe in the Bible where we are told to leave the judging to Christ.

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