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ERICKSON - Why do the Church Leaders allow the 18/years old men and 19/years old women to serve as a full-time missionary rather than finishing their study?

JOEL - The change in the age for missionaries simply gives them more options for when then can serve. If they want they could wait till after schooling and then go on their mission.
A very important part of our faith is our desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all the world. Jesus Himself said:

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:" (Matt 28:19)

We take this command from Jesus very seriously and so to comply our young men and many women dedicate two years of their lives serving missions for the church. Many feel it is better to do this before embarking on a college degree for several practical reasons:

1. A mission helps one to develop good study habits and the ability to learn things quickly
2. One develops good work habits and the ability to manage time.
3. One develops leadership experience and the ability to work in harmony with others
4. Experience in teaching and counseling others
5. Experience in learning a new language and learning about other cultures
6. Experience in Public speaking.
7. Learning how to solve problems and survive against adversity.

All of which can help the return missionary have a more successful college expereince and career in his chosen profession. If one were to go to college first there is the chance of getting married and starting a family while in college or starting a career, thus never getting the chance to serve a mission while still young.
On top of all this God will bless the returned missionary for the rest of his/her life for sacrificing the time for His purposes. So we put God first by serving the mission first and then education second. But like I said they don't have to go on the mission first if they don't want to.

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