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ELISE - How can i download the lds scriptures on my laptop for free and unlimited use?

JOEL - The Church offers a CD of the scriptures for $6.00 at the Distribution Center

There is however a way to get the scriptures and many other LDS books and magazines for your computer for free.
Yanceyware provides LDS scriptures and other books and publications for handheld devices.
They also have a desktop reader that you can use to make these publications available to you on your PC.
Go to the following site to get the desktop reader:


Download the reader to the C drive on your PC.
Follow the instructions under INSTALLATION & CONFIGURATION on that download page to install the reader.
As instructed, create a folder on your C drive called YWLibrary (C:\YWLibrary)
The folowing link has all the LDS scriptures and other publications that you can download for free:


Download the scriptures (including "Study Helps") and anything else you want into the C:\YWLibrary folder on your PC. These will be compressed files.
Go to the C:\YWLibrary folder on your PC and double click on the downloaded compressed file (eg BoM).
Drag the resulting uncompressed file into the main C:\YWLibrary folder.
Start up the Desktop reader. Click on "File" and "Refresh Library".
On the main menu click on "Scriptures" and you should see a list of the standard works.
For support for the desktop reader see the following link:


I recently installed it on my own computer and it works very well.

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