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EDWIN - Why is it the title page of the Book of Mormon is more bigger font in print than the caption below "the other testament of Jesus Christ"?

JOEL - "The Book of Mormon" is the primary name for the cannon of scriptures as specified on the title page of the scripture, which came from the translation of the very last leaf of the golden plates, and was written by the prophet–historian Moroni. The phrase "Another Testament of Jesus Christ", added by modern-day church leaders to the front of the book in 1981, was never part of the original title for the scriptures and therefore is printed on the book as a subtitle in smaller font.
Subtitles are a common literary practice meant to add further information to the subject of the book, but not be part of the main title, and are often presented under the main title in smaller font. The Book of Mormon has always had the following subtitle which actually was part of the original translation on the title page - "An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi".(See title page)

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