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DEANA - Does the church know about the evil acts of the health care bill such as mandatory chip implant and if they do what is ther opinion of it and how to avoid it?

JOEL - Church leaders don't normally make statements on things of a political nature like this, but if you were talk to them one on one I am sure they would have their own personal opinion about it. But I have not seen any of their opinions in print.

I suppose the implimentation of the so-called medichip is a possibility sometime in the future, but it is not explicitly described in the current finalized healthcare bill, unless one chooses to interpret it as such. It merely talks about implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining devices (ie pacemakers, hip or knee replacements, etc.), but nothing about a mandatory chip implant. However some people fear that language within the bill could pave the way for future mandatory chip implants.

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