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CHRISTOPHER - So someone broke into my car and stole my temple bag not knowing what it was. In it were my temple cards for all of the work I was doing for my loved ones. So now when I go on the website its says that someone is doing them that someone being me but I need to go finish the work so my question is how do I get replacement cards so I can finish the work that I can only do.

JOEL - No doubt the thief will be surprised at what he finds inside the bag :-)
It's a simple thing to fix. Go to the www.new.familysearch.org site. After loging in click on the "Temple Ordinances" tab and reprint the ordinance request form according to the directions below:

You can print or reprint a Family Ordinance Request. If you lost a Family Ordinance Request or ordinance cards, destroy any duplicates you find.

1. Click the Temple Ordinances tab.
2. Click the check box by each name you want to do ordinances for.
3. Click the Print or Reprint Request button.
4. Review the Family Ordinance Request, and uncheck any ordinances you do not want to do.
5. Click the Print Request button.
6. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click Get Adobe Reader, and follow the instructions to install it. When Adobe Reader is installed, click OK.
7. When you see the Family Ordinance Request, click (in the top left corner of the request), and click OK or follow the instructions to print.
8. To close your Family Ordinance Request, click the X in the top right corner.
9. If your request printed correctly, click Yes. If your request did not print correctly, click No, print again, and try again.
10. Take your Family Ordinance Request to the temple, where temple staff will print ordinance cards for you.

Make sure you destroy any old printed out request forms from when you first obtained the cards. When you go to the temple with your reprinted request forms you might want to mention to the office staff that the cards you once had for them were lost and you need replacement cards printed.

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