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CAROLYN - Do your ward and stake leaders keep tract of, and have access to your individual temple attendance when they scan temple recommends at the door each time you go? If not, why do they actually scan them at the front door. I understand why they do it elsewhere in the temple, as far as keeping track of the work which has been done for each recipient.

JOEL - The use of bar codes on our temple recommends is associated with the Temple Entry System (TES), that is used only for security measures; not for tracking individual member temple activity. Before this there were thousands of temple recommends that were either lost or stolen each year; some had even been offered for sale on Ebay. Others had been reproduced with scanning devices and used by non temple worthy people to gain access. With TES If a person loses his recommend or has it stolen he can alert the proper authorities (Temple or Stake president) who can immediately void the recommend by loging in to MLS or the Temple Entry System website and, by using a bar code scanner, deactivate the recommend. Thereafter any unauthorized person will not be allowed in the temple using that recommend. TES also helps the Bishop or stake president keep track of recommend expiration dates so they can inform members to renew if needed. So its mostly for security reasons. You are the only one who keeps track of your own temple attendance.

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