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CAMERON - I have tried to find an answer to this questions, but have had no luck. I go to an LDS church filled with many small babies and toddlers which constantly cry during the most inappropriate moments when somebody is giving a talk. I asked my mom why they don't just have multiple trusted individual watch over each of these kids in the nursery and then listen to the talks in the church via the many speakers which are in the church. She told me that, while that would not be a bad idea, she doesn't think that they would change it because she believes that all of the LDS churches operate the exact same way with having kids listen in during sacrament, and that that's probably because of some religious reason stated by a prophet or an apostle. Is this true? Is the reason that I have to listen to brats crying over church talks is because of something

JOEL - There have been many who have suggested having a Scarament meeting nursery. But if you were a parent with several kids you might not be so botherd by it and might be more understanding of what the church and paresnts are trying to do. A lot of this has to do with the population of a particular ward. If you were to go to a young married ward at BYU you would hear nothing but babies crying during the service and the speakers just have to talk over that. If every parent took their child out when they cry the chapel would be empty, so they learn to live with it.

Older church buildings use to have what was called a cry room that was at the back of the chapel with a sound proof window and speakers so you could take your children there and still hear and watch the service. For most wards now, parents are expected to take their crying babies out to the foyer till they calm down, but then to bring them back in.

Parents should have the opportunity to train their children to learn to sit quietly in Sacrament meeting and perhaps to occaisionlly actually hear a few things and feel the spirit there, even if it's just for a few moments. They can learn how to be reverent and learn the importance of taking the sacrament. They can't do that if they are not part of the service. If parents used the nursery there might be too many who would just automatically go there and never get to be part of the service and neither do their children; or those who are used to staff the nursery during that time never get to go to Sacrament meeting. A lot of how this is handled in a ward is up to the Bishop and what he thinks is best for his particular congregation and what he tells them regarding noisy children. Sacrament meeting is not just for the adults; it is for everyone and God wants everyone, even the children to be there.
“Suffer the little ones to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Luke 18: 16)

I have several small grandchildren who can get pretty noisy and fussy during the meeting and sometimes we do have to take them out for a while. But they are beautiful innocent children who are not brats; they're just kids being kids.
Most members in the congregation are able to just ignore it, but there are also some very helpful members who actually come over and sit with them and help calm them down and distract them in a quiet way so they don't have to be taken out. An opportunity for others to serve. I guess it's all a matter of perspective on how you see it.

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