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BRENDA - Hi, I had a question on South American Yerba Matte. Do the South American Saints drink it? Or is it the South American Word of Wisdom question? I have been researching Japanese culture’s use of the healthful Green Tea, and had been encouraged to drink Yerba by a Chilean LDS. I was just curious, with all of the input and information you have, if you knew of a South American LDS..and the answer..or inspired opinion~! Thank you very much for your wonderful site.

JOEL - From what I have heard, many LDS members in South America drink it. My son, who served a mission in Brazil, said even the missionaries drink it. From what I understand, Yerba Matte is considered a hot herbal tea that does contain a little caffeine, but much less than coffee or black tea.
As with anything else one can look at what it contains and decide for yourself if you want to drink it or not. See this site.

The most important aspect of the Word of Wisdom in regards to such things is to avoid becoming addicted. The phrase "hot drinks" in this scripture (D&C 89:9) refers only to black coffee and black tea. In regards to anything else besides this, how one interprets and lives the Word of Wisdom is really a personal choice for each individual.

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