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BLAKE - I have been reading about dreams and visions that LDS members and church leaders have had and shared about events concerning the last days and the Second Coming of Christ. I came across what appears to be a discourse of what may be a church authority who at least was around in the early 1930s. His name is Alma D. Erickson, yet I can't find anything concerning this individual. Have you any info or insight as to who Alma D. Erickson may be?

JOEL - Like you I have only found a few places where only the vision itself is posted or published. The vision was included in a book called "Visions of the Latter-days" by Kevin Kraut 1983:(See the link to read the vision)

Kraut calls the collection of visions as "merely a representation of many that have been given to the Latter-day Saints." I found a reference for an Alma D. Erickson who was on the faculty of the Oneida Stake Academy in Preston, Idaho in 1915-1918, but not sure if it's the same person.

There is no record that I can find that Alma Erickson was any sort of General Authority in the leadership of the church; just one latter-day saint who claimed to have had a vision about the end times. He relates the vision as if it is something that God has told him to tell the whole world and church; but we know that any prophetic vision that God would reveal to declare to the world should only come from the living prophets at the head of the Church. He may have guessed a few things right but I don't think it should be taken too seriously.

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