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BILL - Joseph and Hyrum Smith were exhumed in the 1920s by the Reorganized church. Also Lucy Smith.. If they have already been resurrected would one expect to find their physical remains? You sing the song "We than Thee oh God for a prophet" where it says he is "mingling with gods". We are told that the Saints arose from their graves at Jesus' resurrection.

JOEL - If they were resurrected one would not find their physical remains in the grave. But as far as I know they have not been resurrected, nor will they be till the second coming of Christ.
The way I understand it God only causes the resurrection of people as He needs them to perform some task on earth. For example John the Baptist and Peter, James, and John were resurrected so they could lay their hands on Joseph Smith's and Oliver Cowdery's heads to bestow the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods. Also the angel Moroni who gave the Gold plates to Joseph Smith was probably a resurrected being. As you said there were saints who arose at the time Jesus was resurrected, perhaps to show the people that Jesus had indeed brought about the resurrection of the dead(Matt 27:52-53).

A President of our Church, Joseph Fielding Smith said:
"It is the opinion of some that the resurrection is going on all the time now, but this is purely speculation without warrant in the scriptures. It is true that the Lord has power to call forth any person or persons from the dead, as he may desire, especially if they have a mission to perform which would require their resurrection. For example, we have the cases of Peter, James, and Moroni." (Doctrines of Salvation, 1954-1956)

Anyone who has said that Joseph, Hyrum, and Lucy have already been resurrected were merely speculating or repeating rumors. Their graves were found and the bodies were exhumed by the Reorganized Church and moved to their final resting place in 1928, so at that time they had not yet been resurrected. When asked about this, Brigham Young said, "When Joseph is resurrected, you may find the linen that enshrouded his body, but you will not find his body in the grave." (Journal of Discourses 4:286)

Jesus has told us "ye are gods" (John 10:34, Psalms 82:6), meaning that we all have the potential to become gods in the eternity. Therefore Joseph Smith is indeed now mingling with gods in the spirit world.

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