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ANONYMOUS - To whom would one make a check to when paying tithing to the LDS Church?

JOEL - The most common and preferred way of paying tithing is for the Church member to make the check out to the name of the ward(congregation) they belong to (eg "Fairfield 1st Ward"). The check, along with a completed "Tithing and Offerings" slip, is given to the Bishop of the ward, who along with a ward clerk, processes the money and deposits it into a holding account at a local bank. The money is then transferred from the local bank to the main Church account.

Members and non-members may also make contributions through the "LDS Foundation". The LDS Foundation is a department of the Office of the Presiding Bishopric that correlates, encourages, facilitates, and accepts voluntary philanthropic contributions to the Church and its related organizations and activities. Assistance in making contributions may be obtained by contacting LDS Foundation at Church headquarters.

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