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ANNVER - What criteria does a person need in order to serve within the Lds Church? worthiness alone? full tithe payer? Priesthood? if Priesthood is needed then what Priesthood for what callings? eg. can a Priest serve as Youngmen President? where in church teachings/manuals is it found?

JOEL - The criteria for local church callings as stated in the Church Handbook is:

"A person must be called of God to serve in the Church (see Articles of Faith 1:5). Leaders seek the guidance of the Spirit in determining whom to call. They consider the worthiness that may be required for the calling. They also consider the memberís personal or family circumstances. Each calling should benefit the people who are served, the member, and the memberís family."

Besides this there are no specific qualifications for most callings. Normally those called to be advisers or in presidencies in the Aaronic or Melchizedek priesthood or in Bishoprics (must be High Priests) will be adult Melchizedek priesthood holders (preferably with temple recommends), but it really depends on the size of the ward or branch and availability of such priesthood holders. It could be that an adult Priest might be called to be a teacher's quorum adviser or serve in the Young Men's presidency if no one else is available.

The main qualification for most positions is that you are a member of the church and are willing to serve. However the handbook also says:

"People who are not members of the Church may be called to some positions, such as organist, music director, and assistant Scout leader. However, they should not be called to teaching or administrative positions or as Primary music leaders."

Here's a link that shows the qualifications for some of the higher positions in the church.

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