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ANNVER - I know that the Aaronic priesthood has 3offices deacon, teacher, priest but i heard that a bishop and others like stake patriarch, quorum of the 70, apostle are also offices in the Melchizedek priesthood? so that confuses me now i thought there was only two? elder and high priest? so obviously my question is how many offices in the Melchizedek priesthood? please if there's any scripture or reading materials found for me to show my fellow class mates in the priesthood.

JOEL - According to the scriptures:

"There are, in the church, two priesthoods, namely, the Melchizedek and Aaronic, including the Levitical Priesthood.
Why the first is called the Melchizedek Priesthood is because Melchizedek was such a great high priest.
All other authorities or offices in the church are appendages to this priesthood.
But there are two divisions or grand heads—one is the Melchizedek Priesthood, and the other is the Aaronic or Levitical Priesthood." (D&C 107: 1-6)

So according to the above scriptures, all priesthood is Melchizedek, but is split into other "appengages", which includes the Aaronic priesthood.

The D&C continues:
"The second priesthood is called the Priesthood of Aaron, because it was conferred upon Aaron and his seed, throughout all their generations.
Why it is called the lesser priesthood is because it is an appendage to the greater, or the Melchizedek Priesthood, and has power in administering outward ordinances.
The bishopric is the presidency of this priesthood, and holds the keys or authority of the same." (D&C 107:13-15)

Even though only High Priests serve as Bishops the Bishopric is considered an office of the Aaronic Priesthood. Therefore the offices of the Aaronic Priesthood are Deacon, Teacher, Priest, and Bishop.

The offices of the Melchizedek priethood include elder, seventy, high priest, patriarch, apostle, and President of the Church.

According to Brigham Young:
"A person who is ordained to the office of an Elder in this kingdom has the same Priesthood that the High Priests, that the Twelve Apostles, that the Seventies, and that the First Presidency hold . . . but every man in his order and place, possessing a portion of the same Priesthood, according to the gifts and callings to each." (Brigham Young, JD 9:89.)

So in other words there is no advancement from a lower office to a higher office in the Melchizedek priesthood; they simply have different duties and responsibilities within that priesthood. That's why even the Seventies and Apostles of the Church maintain the title of Elder when one refers to them.

Members are "ordained" to the offices of deacon, teacher, priest, elder, high priest, Bishop, patriarch, seventy, and Apostle. They are "set apart" as the president of a Stake, president of an Elder's quorum, President of the Twelve Apostles, etc. A Bishop is "set apart" as the Bishop of a particular ward and President of the Aaronic Priesthood and Priest Quroum in that ward.

Here are a few links that describe these things in further detail:

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